Three Ways You Can Help:

  1. Consider having your church, synagogue or mosque become a Pardon Hub – following the lead of Beth Am Israel, getting training (free!) and the providing information and assistance (“coaching”) to those seeking pardons. Write us!
  2. Forward this newsletter to your state senator or representative. Tell them that they should get in the game, funding the Board of Pardons so it can hire more staff to reduce the backlog, and supporting the creation of a volunteer Pardon Project in their county. (More on this in next month’s newsletter!) 
  3. Get ready to sign our next petition! This time, calling on the Board of Pardons to rescind its recently-adopted policy requiring full payment of all record costs and fees before applicants can get a hearing. Truly outrageous! Headlining NEXT month's newsletter....

Stay energized, optimistic and healthy,
Tobey Oxholm
Executive Director