Volume 1 | April 10, 2019
Seal Beach District One News
Dear Seal Beach District One Neighbor,

This is an exciting year for me and for Seal Beach. So many things happening with the re-opening of the Pier and the Bay Theater as well as a new park on First Street.

April is always a big month for Seal Beach with Run Seal Beach and the Car Show.

One of my promises is to work to provide as much transparency as possible into what I am doing, what the City is doing, and things that are going on in our town. I will plan to outline four or five of the most compelling issues every month to share any updates or insights I am able to with you.

I invite you all to continue to participate and contribute, and to contact me with your ideas, thoughts or concerns so that I can represent you to the best of my ability.
District One Highlights
My first month in office has been extremely full and busy with trainings, meetings and learning so much about what keeps our city running and where I can begin to best serve this community.
2019-20 Commissions & Committees
Below are the commissions and committees I will be serving on during my first year on council. To date I have only attended meetings for the first committee below. I will continue to update information on the other committees as I attend meetings and learn more about my role and how they impact our district.

The Los Cerritos Wetlands Authorit y
Long Beach Councilwoman Suzie Price and I are the two city representatives serving this commission. We will be following the progress of the large wetlands restoration project in the current oil production area near 2 nd Street in Long Beach as well as the proposed new drilling site in the “Pumpkin Patch” area.
My role is to insure that there are no environmental impacts to Seal Beach.

The Bay City Sub-Committee (former DWP property) – Pending first meeting

Southern California Association of Governments – Pending first meeting

Chamber of Commerce Committe e – Serving with Councilman Varipapa, pending first meeting.

Pier Reconstruction
Reconstruction of the pier is nearing completion and we expect that the pier will be completed and open by the Memorial Day cutoff.  I am hearing that some sort of “Reopening” event may be in the works. If so, I will post the information up as soon as it is available, but this is all great news.

First Street (formerly River’s End) Restaurant
I have no new information to provide regarding the progress to get a restaurant opened. It is currently under Coastal Commission review which was not originally expected. Depending on when the Commission decides to act, we may run into the no construction period from Memorial Day to Labor Day which will push development back even further. This issue is not one that we can change. I will continue to update you as information becomes available.

Ocean Place (DWP) Development
The Ocean Place development at First Street is progressing, though with some delay due to all of the rain, and some unexpected ground water issues that were discovered during the grading process.  The new park is being graded at the same time and will be completed before the custom homes are constructed. A portable sales office and a model home will be built along with the park. The palm trees that have been removed from the west side of First Street have all been replanted in the median on First Street and give a lush look to the First Street entrance to town.

Bay Theater Restoration
I had a wonderful meeting and site tour with Paul Dunlap, the owner of the Bay Theater in February. I was able to see the progress being made on his restoration project. Inside the gutted and stripped interior he showed us the plans along with some vintage photographs of how the theater will look when he is finished.

The completed remodel will resemble how the venue appeared in 1946, when it became a Fox West Coast Theater. The original seats will be refurbished, but to accommodate today’s standard seating dimensions. The work is progressing much more slowly than originally planned, as new issues arise as each layer of the interior is revealed.

When completed, the Bay will be capable of showing all types of films, from vintage 16 and 35mm to today’s digital format. In addition, he will be able to present live entertainment as well as special events with room for several tables to be set on a flat area of the floor behind the movie screen. Be sure to drive by the Bay at night a see the restored marquee all lit up – it’s really amazing.
Upcoming Events
April City Council Meeting - Monday April 22nd 7:00PM
City Hall Chambers- 211 8th Street

Beach Cleanup With Save Our Beach - April 20th - 9-12:00
1st Street Parking Lot - For more information, Click HERE

33rd Annual Car Show - Saturday April 27th - All day

Astronomy Night at the Pier - Saturday April 13th - 7:00 PM
Eisenhower Park - South of the Pier

SBCPAA Presents: Music for a Sunday Afternoon
Sunday April 27th - 3:00 PM
Center for Spiritual Living - 500 Marina Drive
For more information or tickets, click HERE
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