April, 2018
News From Cornerstone Pediatrics
Keep Kids Safe at Sports
There's been a lot in the news recently about youth sports and abuse, whether it be emotional, physical, or sexual. Here are some tips on protecting your kids while ensuring they have a great time:
  • Coaches and staff should have background checks
  • There should be formal abuse prevention training
  • The organization should have a code of conduct describing specifically what behaviors are acceptable and not acceptable
  • Any "one-on-one" training should be in the presence of other adults
Allergy Season is Here
Spring means that allergy season kicks into high gear as the trees start to pollinate. If your child is sneezing with a clear runny nose, has itchy watery eyes, and/or is very congested, it may be a pollen allergy. A good first step is a non-sedating anti-histamine such as loratidine or cetirizine. If that doesn't work, get in touch so we can help.
Time to Get Outside!
This is NOT Dr. Stephens on his bike, but now is a great time to get outside for hiking, biking, and all sorts of family activities. And if you're biking, don't forget the helmets!
Are Your Kids Kind?
Teach Them How
  • Create a culture of kindness in your home. Be sure everyone in the family is treated with respect and fairness
  • Remind your children that people come from many different backgrounds, beliefs and family styles
  • Being active in school and community activities are great ways for kids to get to know other people from different cultures, beliefs and families