April / 1 / 2019
Dear Forest Hills Family and Friends,

No fooling here...it's officially spring!

Last month we said farewell to Karen Fryer, our longtime Director of Resident Services. After 15 years with Forest Hills, Karen moves on to the Army Distaff Retirement Community as their new Director of Social Services. Though we will miss her around here, we couldn't be more proud of Karen's accomplishment and we wish her the best of luck. We are currently recruiting for Karen's successor and will make sure to update everyone once we find the right fit. In the meantime, please direct your AL questions or concerns to our RN Nurse Manager, Jennifer Howell, ext 3343.

Coming up at Forest Hills, we're looking forward to enjoying some spring weather with garden socials and a cherry blossom ride, along with our usual engagement life enrichment activities. Read on in this newsletter for more highlights and the full calendar.

Also in this newsletter, read about how the definition of aging is changing. Andrew Scott, Next Avenue contributor for Forbes, makes a case for shifting our definition from a "chronological" sense of age to a "biological" sense of age. Read on below for the full article.

Thank you, as always, to all of the family and friends we get to see visiting us at Forest Hills. Hope to see you around! 

Warmest regards,   
Mary Savoy, RN, MS, LNHA
Executive Director and Administrator 
Forest Hills of DC & Forest Side Memory Care
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Our mission is to create a safe, compassionate, and supportive community that inspires seniors. 

Our vision includes national recognition as a premier provider of quality services for seniors and their families. Therefore, every day we look for new and better ways to achieve excellence within a culture that supports person-centeredness.

 We value honesty and integrity in dealings with our customers, staff, and other stakeholders; open and respectful communication that reinforces the worth of others; inclusiveness without prejudice against any persons; and responsible financial stewardship over resources entrusted to our control.
April Life Enrichment Programs at a Glance

Highlights from the upcoming month

Wed., April 3 10:30am - Robert Jenner Lecture: The Story of English (LIB)
Sat., April 6 11:00am - Sing along with Vince (DR-2)
Tue., April 9 10:30am - Cherry Blossom Ride (AL)
Wed., April 10 10:00am - Mrs. Brady's First Grade Class Sing! (LNG)
Sat., April 13 11:00am - American University All Male Acapella Group (LNG)
Tue., April 16 10:30am - Arcade Games with Potomac High School Students (DR-1)
Thu., April 18 10:30am - Garden Social with Claudia
Sun., April 21 Easter Sunday
10:45am - Faith through Music with Kendra Holt (LNG) 
Mon., April 22 10:30am - Art Workshop with Joey Mánlapaz (AH)
Wed., April 24 2:00pm - Poetic Expression with Steven (LNG)
Fri., April 26 2:00pm - Movie & Popcorn: The Favorite (LIB)
Mon, April 29 10:30am - Art Lecture with Joey Mánlapaz (LIB)
Every Sunday 10:45am - Faith through Music (LNG/LIB)


(CR) Conference Room (AH) Assembly Hall
(DR-1) Day Room, 1st floor (LL) Lower Level
(LIB) Library (LNG) Lounge

Is 75 the New 65?
"Younger for Longer"

Over the course of the 20th century, life expectancy increased around 10 years for each generation. What this means in practice is that a 75-year-old today has the same mortality rate as a 65-year-old in 1950. So perhaps 75 really is the new 65. 

Over the same period, the average age of the U.S. population has increased from around 32 to 38, while the average mortality rate has fallen by 13%. As a result, the average U.S. citizen has never been older, but also has never had so long left to live. 

This decline in mortality rates has implications for the understanding of old age. If we are, on average, healthier at each chronological age, then biological aging is occurring more slowly. We are, in effect, younger for longer.   

To read the full article in Forbes, click here.
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