From Ann Vaughn, President

This month we had our first ever in-person membership social, and I can't tell you how happy it made me! Thank you to our member Niki Mock for hosting, and our Membership Chair Jen Burton for taking the lead on planning.

It can be easy to forget all of the extra hurdles of starting an organization in the middle of a pandemic. Sometimes, I think that's a good thing—we have just plowed forward despite the challenges of connecting virtually and recruiting members in such difficult times. After all, it's made us more resilient, having to figure out new ways to get things done with pandemic constraints.

But other times, I think it's important to take stock of what we have lost along the way. When I saw so many members meeting and enjoying each other's company for the first time, I wished so deeply that we had been able to do this all along.

There are always multiple ways to look at a situation. I like to think that we are getting to a place where we have the best of both — the strength and versatility we've gained from building Impact100 DC in difficult times, and the utter joy of reconnecting in person. And maybe above all, the sense that we don't take anything for granted—not the incredible work of our grant applicants, not our community, and not each other.

In case you missed our event
with Dominique Brown...
In honor of Women's History Month, we hosted a very special conversation featuring Dominique Brown, Actor and Associate Director of Campaign 72, a one-woman show about Shirley Chisholm's 1972 presidential campaign.

And, we have it recorded! Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn more about the DC arts scene, racial and gender equity, and of course, Shirley Chisholm herself.
We are into Round 3 of our grants process!
We are conducting site visits! Last year, this was one of the favorite parts of the process for many of our members, who got to see the incredible work these nonprofit applicants do up close. And it's happening all over again this year, as we get closer and closer to identifying our finalists.

As another reminder, here is our grant review timeline!
Speaking of finalists...
Our annual Meet the Finalists event will take place virtually on Thursday, June 9 at 5:30 pm.

The Voting Kick-Off Meeting will take place virtually on Wednesday, June 22nd, at noon.

The Big Give event where we announce and celebrate our $100,000 grant recipient and the four $9500 grant recipients will take place in person on Thursday, June 23 from 6-8pm.

We will be sending out more formal invitations with specifics in the coming weeks!
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
In honor of our grants process being in full swing, here is a guide to grantmaking with a racial equity lens.

In addition to videos and articles, it's important to us to provide comprehensive resources to our members and broader community that speak directly to our role as grantmakers.

Click on the image to the right to download this report from the Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity.
Reminder: Our Membership Directory is Live!
Our password-protected member portal is available!

Members can take advantage of our new Membership Directory, which includes contact information for Impact100 DC members that have opted in and given permission. Members can get the password for the directory in our "The Impact100 DC Membership Directory is live!" email from February 4 or by emailing [email protected].

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