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Sharon Dennis, Grants Committee Chair, has written this month's column.

Members of the five focus area teams got busy this month with the exciting work of grant review. Thanks to extensive outreach efforts last fall and winter, over 70 nonprofit organizations across the region applied to us for our inaugural grant. The applications shed light on the innovative and important work of our nonprofit partners, including how many have had to pivot to continue to provide services during the pandemic.  

Under the supervision of our stellar team of Focus Area Committee Chairs – Bonnie Harkness, Vivian Aguayo, Janelle Haskell, Dorothy Durden and Latina Fauconier -- team members review the applications online and score them against a rubric we designed to prioritize programs that best respond to our criteria. We use those scores as a jumping-off point to discuss the merits of the applications within our respective committees. As someone who, along with Ann, has guided this process for many months, I cannot tell you how fun and exciting it is to see our members dive into these applications and evaluate them with a high level of empathy and professionalism. The chance for give-and-take as we work has also allowed us – Covid-19 notwithstanding! – to get to know each other and build a sense of community.  

I know in my heart that this experience has had a profound impact on many of us. I’ve heard many members say, whoever emerges as the final Grantee, they plan to get involved as a volunteer and/or donate to the organizations they’ve learned about during this process. A friend of mine recently observed, “I wish we had enough money to fund them all!” The more we learn about the promising programs across the region, the more we realize how important it is to grow our membership base so we can continue and expand our grantmaking in the coming years. We are seeing first-hand the rewards of our collective philanthropy, and for me at least, it has been an unforgettable experience.  
Join us Thursday, May 20th at 5:30 pm for an exciting spring event for our Impact100 DC members and friends, featuring Briana Thomas, author of Black Broadway in Washington, DC, a new book highlighting Black arts, culture, and resilience in the historic U Street corridor.

You can learn more about Briana Thomas in this Kojo Nnamdi show interview. We also encourage members to purchase and read her book!

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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Christine Bragale
Interviewed by Ann Vaughn and Lori Finch

Ann Vaughn and I had so much fun interviewing Christine Bragale, a founding member and extraordinary supporter of Impact100 DC, about why she joined Impact100 DC and why she is so passionate about sponsoring the membership and engagement of younger women in our organization.
On the collective giving model:
Christine: I love the power of collective philanthropy. When you join Impact100, your $1,000 effectively becomes an investment of $100,000. It’s a way to make a significant and lasting contribution. And this kind of support is needed now more than ever, given that the pandemic has ravaged our communities and impacted the well-being of thousands of people.
On choosing to join Impact100 DC:
Christine: I really liked the intentional decision to build a diverse membership from all walks of life and every corner of the region, from the ground up. I was born and raised in D.C. and love my hometown. Through Impact DC I have an opportunity to expand my circle of acquaintances and experience within this community. And, it is personally enriching and fulfilling to support nonprofit organizations that best understand unmet needs and how to address them. Impact100 DC’s focus on prioritizing programs that address systemic racism and inequity is critical.
On sponsoring the membership of young women who are not currently in a financial position to participate:
Christine: It is important that we cultivate the next generation of philanthropists. With crowdfunding and other platforms, giving has become very specific. Participation in Impact100 provides an opportunity for a rich education with regard to broad community needs and the tremendous work being done by nonprofits to address them. Many young women I know are craving the opportunity to be part of a network like ours, to connect to their community, particularly given the isolation of this past year. I’m really honored to be able to help them get a start in what I anticipate will be sustained involvement in Impact DC. And by the way, historically men have done the larger share of the philanthropic giving in this country; let’s change that dynamic for good!
Bio: Christine Nyirjesy Bragale is the head of global communications at FHI 360, an international nonprofit working to improve the health and well-being of people in the United States and around the world. She is passionate about connecting people to the information they need and telling authentic stories that inspire them to take action that creates a better world. In addition to decades of leadership in nonprofit public relations, Christine is a veteran international journalist and former member of the White House press corps.
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