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APRIL NEWS  2013  

This month news is aimed at those great vinyl collectors and groups who keep Mystic "Unknowns" alive. We are opening The Vault. Please go to and click on The Vault  to find the rare LP's and Super Sevens that are up for sale right now. We are vinyl and collectable. This may be your last chance to buy them at the low cost Mystic offers to preferred customers.

                       IS OPEN...
                                            Vinyl $ale
Super Sevens will be (from list) $7.50 each + $3. Shipping USA
25 years old and were mostly 1000 run...These are the last and may not be repressed, so their value & rarity will grow. 
The Rare LP's are $15.+ $5. Shipping USA - Many In Colored Vinyl
  Open Vault


 Now Available

                         RE: We are listing the end of CD's
You can find unbelievable discounts right here right now!
only at Mystic can you buy three CD's for $10. + $5. to Ship USA  
These discount offered to you are in limited supply and will not be run in the future. Mystic Records are vinyl and collectable!
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     In the 1980's we recorde 500 bands, an investiment of $520,000
Five years in the studio, recording and pressing. The cost was about $1,000 per band. Today the cost would be about a million!
A solution to this "is" in the formation of a " Mystic Guest " Program.

                        OUT OF THE VAULT

Also on CD!
Black T-Shirts of LP Cover available at  please visit  and Visit Our Web Site



                                APRIL 2013

 We welcome Candace D'Andrea aka CandyLandStarr to Mystic

 Candy was a welcome sight in the old Hollywood days, she was the booking agent at the Cathay de Grande...two floors of an old Chineese Restaurant featuring 3-6 bands nightly, hardcore downstairs.

Candy is well know to Mystic groups as a promoter and photographer, still booking bands and promoting bands with her photography. She just finished a book on the history and art of Mystic Records.

The book will be available shortly, after copyrighting the world of Mystic. Candy's knowledge of photography and music is a great asset.

CandyLandStarr is coming to the Mystic web site !  



 RE: The NOFX Test Pressings




Collectors swamped us with $50. orders...

I said there were only ten and thirty-five people responded.

Some who were itchy their money was refunded, those of you who have been patient are in for a is the news...

We have decided to have a lottery, I am putting the names in a bowl and Miki is pulling them out to see who the winner is.


I wish you all good luck!




 Last month Miki was in and out of Kaiser with an ear infection. 

 Learning it was not cancer, was the good news but she is not able to have an operation at her age. She has a button placed in her ear and now hears fine. This is why I could not follow up in March. There is always something going on and I appriciate your being patient with me 84 years young, going on 59 years old.



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