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APRIL 2019
Ultimate Apple--Honor Your Teacher
Teacher Appreciation Week
May 6-10
As we begin our last month of school, you will be seeing a lot of apples around as we gear up for Teacher Appreciation Week. From May 6 to May 10, our students, administration staff, and SERVE Group will conduct a series of celebratory activities to honor our teachers whom we are so blessed to have here at NVCA. We will recognize our teacher's aides, office staff, security staff, and BEST program coaches as well.

Keep an eye on your mailbox and e-mail for further exciting news about how you can participate, along with your kids, to honor our teachers.

The NVCA Ultimate Apple--Honor Your Teacher spring campaign will also kick off at the start of May. This campaign will help support our professional development goals and will provide funds to each teacher as a gift that they can use as they see fit for their classroom next year.

We thank you all for your generosity and support. Visit our website for more details about the Ultimate Apple--Honor Your Teacher campaign and how you can participate.

Fun/Color Run 2019
Fundraising Fun on Our Campus
Our Fun Run was a huge success! Here are some of the reasons and highlights of this event:
  • A school-wide goal of $15,000 was set, and we exceeded the goal with a grand total of $27,579.56!
  • These funds were raised to provide additional I-Pads/cart for elementary students and additional curriculum for middle school students.
  • Character traits with Bible verses were taught to our students each day during team huddles and continually reinforced throughout the school day.
  • Healthy bodies and minds were the focus of our Fun Run and Color Run.
  • Prek-5 students participated in a Fun Run that challenged them to complete 35 laps.
  • Middle school students participated in a Color Run where the teaching staff covered them in color.

Students had the opportunity to have even more fun and celebrate their fundraising success. They taped the head of school to a flagpole, slimed the elementary principal, and duct taped the MS/HS principal to a wall in the cafeteria.... Just another day here at NVCA!

Thank you to everyone for your efforts in our fundraising campaign!
Watch Our Students in Action Here
Performing Arts & Music Departments
An Amazing Performance
The last week in April highlighted our wonderful Performing Arts and Music departments as never before. All staff, parents, and folks throughout the community were blessed to enjoy a fantastic play, the acclaimed and most celebrated biblical musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and written by Tim Rice,  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. This production was presented by our very own students with the help of our great staff, including Kim Cooper Smith, Laura Huizenga, and Kirk Huizenga. Students from all grade levels participated in the many scenes involving dance, acting, singing, and reciting. We know who our future Broadway stars will be! They all worked very hard for weeks and did an outstanding job. Thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment and enlightening story from the Bible.
The technical team in any Broadway show or otherwise are always the unsung heroes. They do the brunt of the labor to make it all come together--from set building, set design, working cameras, lights, sound, special effects, and more. They don’t get a curtain call like actors on the stage.

Though actors guide their hands in their direction at a curtain call to say “job well done,” the audience almost never hears their back story of hard work and dedication behind the scenes. Our technical team put in many hours both after school and on weekends to make this production happen. We hope you read one of our programs to see their names listed several times as well as our monthly theatre class newsletters to see the set pieces in progress through completion over these past several months. These boys are low-key, humble, modest, hard working, and very creative. They make a fantastic team, and this production would not have been successful if it was not for them.
Open Enrollment
2019-20 School Year Open Enrollment
We are still open for enrollment for the next school year. If you would like more information, have any questions, or need to get your kids registered, please reach out to Tanya Baker in the school office.

We look forward to educating and nurturing your kids again next school year.
Sign Up and Save Your Space at Summer Camp
NVCA has multiple camps to keep your student engaged each week. Sign up for themed camps for both Preschool and K-5, as well as specialty camps and sports camps.

More information is available on the NVCA website and in the office.

Preschool Highlights
Preschoolers are learning all about new life this spring. From butterflies to birds and springtime winds to the rain that waters our plants, we are discovering how God gives us life through His creation. We are also celebrating our new life in Jesus. His death and resurrection means that we are forgiven and that makes us happy! In chapel we had a "pep rally for Jesus" to celebrate His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and we learned all about what He did for us on Calvary. He is Risen! Happy Easter!
Volunteer Spotlight
Donor Appreciation
We're GaGa for GaGa!
We want to give special thanks to our donors and volunteers who made the GaGa Pit possible. G a Ga is a tried and true game that requires strategy, athleticism, and a little bit of luck.

The kids are having a blast! To watch the game in action, click on the picture.