April 2016
Greetings from Our Wonderful World! Spring is here, the sun is shining and flowers are blooming! So, it's time to get healthy...and we're going to show you how. Did you know seaweed is the "in" thing? Well, before you grab your rake and run down to the beach, you need to know what seaweeds you can eat and which ones you can't. This is worth checking into because seaweed (the right kind that is) has high levels of iodine and is rich in fiber. There's more...
About your tummy... We can help! Learn about the foods that add protein, vitamin K and fiber into your diet. Yes, we have a recipe! Just as importantly, we're going to give you a list of foods to stay away from!
Kudos to Alex Golding and Palm Beach Atlantic for hosting the Social Enterprise Conference-first ever of its kind in Palm Beach County. A host of acclaimed Change Makers from all over the country were in attendance, including our very own Green Goddess, Sharon Quercioli. As the newspaper boys used to say, Read all about it!

Now before you know it summer will be upon us. And in South Florida that means a hot, hot sun bearing down on you. We've got some important tips (even if you're not in Florida) to help you thrive this summer.

Our friends at the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber Women in Business recently held their quarterly luncheon in style at the DoubleTree in Palm Beach Gardens. Guest speaker Andrea Bradley, CEO of the Palm Healthcare Foundation, gave a first-class presentation. Read about this outstanding business and community leader.

OK all you golfers on the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches. Time to play on one of the area's finest courses, have a shot (pardon the pun) at some great prizes and...most important of all...raise some funds for one of South Florida's most worthwhile of charities, SafeSpace.

Last, but not least, for all you Treasure Coast and Palm Beach theatregoers, our very own theatre guru, Jan Davisson, will fill you in on all that's On Stage.

Don't worry!... We've got a whole lot more. So, get cozy and start clickin'!

Here's a list of what we've added to our site:
  • "Good for Your Gut" - YES! There are foods with naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients that will also help aid digestion.
  • "Curtain Up" - Jan Davisson with what's On Stage in Palm Beach 
Well...it's time to get cozy and warm up that mouse!


Sharon & Glenn
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