April 2020 Newsletter
Let's Not Give Up Meeting Together!
Let us not neglect meeting together, as some have the habit of doing.
Rather, let us encourage each other, and all the more
as you see the Day approaching.
Hebrews 10:25 
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ at Redeemer,

How we miss being able to gather together around our Lord and His Word and Sacraments at church! I realize now that I took for granted the encouragement offered each week from my fellow brothers and sisters at Redeemer.

We still can encourage one another with a phone call, a note, or an email.  About ten of our members don’t have email at all. Take out your yellow church directory and give someone a call! If you can't find yours, let me know, and I'll send you one in the mail. 

We can pray . Now is an especially good time to remember one another in our prayers to the Lord. We can also pray for our members in senior facilities under lock-down, and for healthcare workers. Since we are all part of our Lord's own body, we are connected more intimately than any other relationship.

We can hear our Lord speak to us in His Word . All the more since we hear so many other voices from the world. Voices of fear, of uncertainty. So many voices we don't know what to think. We don't have to worry about that with the Lord. He loves us. He speaks the truth to us. He keeps His promises to us. Through His Son He has taken away our sins so that we never have to be parted from Him.

Our newsletter this month is different. Right now, all our services, meetings, Bible classes, and fellowship are on hold. Will we be able to worship together on Easter? I don't know. Pray, ask the Lord, that He will work out things so that we can. I'm not kidding, ask the Lord!

The next time we can meet together for worship, we will celebrate Easter. I can’t wait to join together in singing hymns of praise to our Lord Jesus who suffered, died, and rose again from the dead to save us from our greatest enemies.

 “Let us not neglect meeting together, as some have the habit of doing. Rather, let us encourage each other…”

The days when we can't meet together make us look forward to the day when we can!

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Rohrback
Holy Week Services
This Wednesday, April 1, will be our last Midweek Lenten service.

Holy Week begins Palm Sunday, April 5, as we see our Lord Jesus ride into Jerusalem to rescue us from sin and death.

Maundy Thursday, April 9, we see Jesus with His disciples, the night before His death. How we look forward to when we come together again and celebrate the Supper He instituted that night, assuring us that His body and blood shed for us on the cross has taken away our sins.

Church Father Irenaeus believed that the fall into sin happened on a Friday. He called it Bad Friday. On Good Friday, April 10, we see our Lord Jesus giving His life to rescue us from sin and death and bring us back to God.

When Jesus rose from the dead on Easter, April 12, it was to show that He did it! God accepted His sacrifice. Jesus’ resurrection from the dead assures us that our sins are forgiven and we have His gracious gift of eternal life.

Come worship this Holy Week by watching our online services on our website: www.redeemercedarburg.com
April 1:     Lynn Trimberger
April 2:     Karen Schmidt
April 19:   Pastor Rohrback
April 28:   Marlyn Gassert
April 29:   Richard Belling


April 24:   Richard and Carol Ann Moore
April 26:   Bill and Debbie Heidtke
April 29:   Dan and Cindy Smallish
We wish you the Lord’s richest blessings as you celebrate your special day. If you have an April birthday or anniversary and don’t see it listed above, please tell Pastor Rohrback so your date can be added to the list.
Keep your new yellow membership directory up to date!
Please make the following changes:
• Add email address for Rosemarie Albrecht:  rosemike1999@yahoo.com
• Add email address for Neil Swessel:  ndsgraf62@gmail.com
Thank you to all who have been sending your weekly offerings to the Lord by mail! Please continue to do so in order to keep the Lord's work going at Redeemer. Once again the address is:
Redeemer Lutheran Church
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March 8 Sun: 45; Mon: 20
March 15 Sun: 46; Mon: 15
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