Importance of Animal Protein in Human Nutrition & Health

To date, there are myths about protein nutrition in humans due to inadequate understanding of the science. An ideal human diet would consist of both animal- and plant-source foods in appropriate amounts and proportions, while consuming adequate dietary fiber.


Martinez Participates in International Conference

Rafael Martinez, who is currently pursuing a doctoral degree with Dr. Jessica Leatherwood presented at an internation conference held by the American Quarter Horse Association and the Asociacion Mexicana Cuarto de Milla in Mexico City, Mexico.


Circle Y Supports the Texas A&M Stock Horse Team

Penny Youngblood and Nancy Pearce, of Circle Y Ranch, are dedicated to helping grow and develop the younger generation. One way they are giving back is through the Texas A&M Stock Horse Team, which consists of 12 college athletes ranging in show experience.

Texas A&M University's Center for Phage Technology to the Forefront

With a major hub of bacteriophage research in College Station, Texas A&M University and Texas A&M AgriLife Research have worked to support and produce the only state-funded bacteriophage research center in the U.S.


Cardoso Awarded Early Career Award for Research Excellence

Dr. Rodolfo Cardoso, assistant professor in the Department of Animal Science, received the 2018 Dr. William A. Dugas Early Career Award for Research Excellence from Texas A&M AgriLife Research.

Castillo Awarded Vice Chancellor's Award in Excellence

Dr. Alejandro Castillo received the Vice Chancellor's Award in Excellence for International Involvement. The award recognizes the commitment and outstanding contributions displayed across Texas A&M AgriLife.


How to Transform Cheap Chuck Steak & Roast into a Great Meal

"The chuck roast really has some of the same muscles as a rib-eye roll, and the differences are very minor," said Ray Riley, a meat science expert at Texas A&M University. "The beef industry has put a lot of attention into promoting these underutilized cuts, and people are starting to notice."

Important By-Products Derived from Cattle

Many of us enjoy a good steak or a juicy hamburger and realize the nutritional benefits derived from eating beef but there are countless products that we use in in our daily lives that are derived from cattle that we never think about. Dan Hale is a professor and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Meat Specialist.


The ABCs of Working Cattle Easily

It can be a challenge to find good information on how to work your cattle effectively, but don't we all want to make life a little easier?


You Herd Right: 8 Tips to Gather the Herd

Thoughtful pressure and keen cattle sense go a long way when you're moving cattle, says Dr. Ron Gill, professor and Extension livestock specialist.


Speaker Lineup for Hemphill Conference

The agenda for the Texas A&M AgriLife Hemphill County Beef Conference April 23-24 is finalized, and will include industry professionals & experts.

Redden Serves as Global Sheep Industry Ambassador

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service sheep and goat specialist Dr. Reid Redden is part of a global delegation of young leaders currently touring New Zealand as part of the Sheep Industry Ambassador Program.

Bull Selection Includes Muscle Potential

Spring is when most of our herds calve and when many of us buy replacement bulls. Most of us still sell our calves at weaning so besides a fertile, easy calving bull, well-muscled bulls are always in high demand. 


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