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May 1-2 

NJ/Easton, PA - April 20, 21, 22 Brazil - April 20, 21, 22
Tampa - April 28, 29
Jamaica - May 5, 6

FABS (Franciscans with American and Brazilian Sisters) meeting 
April 23-24, Reading, PA 
Issue 6.07
April 9, 2018  
Pope Francis Releases New Apostolic Exhortation

Pope Francis has released a new Apostolic Exhortation on holiness, entitled "Gaudete et Exsultate".

To read the document, click here.

An Experience of our Life, our Mission, and our Charism with our Sisters, Associates, and Partners in Ministry in Brazil (Part 1)
By: Margaret Magee OSF
   I am grateful for the recent opportunity to spend some time with our Sisters, Associates, and Partners in Ministry in Brazil. I traveled to Brazil with the other members of Congregational Leadership, our General Treasurer, Chris Treichel, and Congregational Secretary, Kristen Luther, for the week-long Board of Directors meeting at our central house, Convento Mãe Admirável, in Anápolis. Also participating in this meeting were Marinêz Arantes da Silva, Regional Minister of Brazil, and the Sisters on the Regional Council along with the Leadership from Jamaica, Teresita DeSouza and Administrator Trinita Solnek. Pat Tyre served as the translator for our meetings which is a graced presence of attentive and deep listening to bridge our conversations in both English and Portuguese. Pat is providing a vital and integral ministry for our Congregation. These days of our meetings were full with details of business, budgets, and finances yet profound in our sharing of prayer, faith, and our vision and hope for the future.
   After the close of the Board of Directors meeting Pat Klemm, Pat Tyre, and I, along with our Brazilian Sisters, bid farewell to those returning to the United States and Jamaica. We were joined by Erin Baird of Allegany Franciscan Ministries (AFM) in Tampa, FL. Erin is the Director of Grants, managing the grantmaking system and its procedures. Additionally, Erin serves as program officer for the ACOR grants (Allegany Community Out Reach) which provides funding for many of the FSA-affiliated ministries and projects in Brazil, Bolivia, Jamaica, and in the United States.
Jamaica - Land We Love 
By: Lorraine Chen OSF, shared during the Allegany Assembly, Sunday, April 8, 2018

   The sun is shining brightly. The Caribbean Sea reflects the royal blue from the sky above. The laughter of children and their families can be heard, with music - whether calypso or reggae - in the background. When engaged in conversation with any of these persons, one would get the impression that as the song says, "Life is just for living." The everyday obstacles of living are viewed through the eyes of faith and an acceptance that everything will be alright because God is the Divine Provider and Judge. Most persons who have been to Jamaica a long time ago would share this portrayal of the mindset of the Jamaican people.
   However, a dark cloud has covered the land. The following excerpt is taken from the editorial page of the Jamaica Observer dated February 25, 2018. "When Jamaica gained independence in 1962, the murder rate was 3.9 per 100,000 inhabitants, one of the lowest in the world. Last year's murder toll of more than 1,600 - or about 60 per 100,000 - was one of the highest rate in the world. The current murder rate has already surpassed the rate at this same time last year."
   The Jamaican workers have been relegated to contract employment and have, as a result, lost their pension rights, maternity rights, and other benefits. There is unrest among the teachers, nurses, police and other civil servants as their collective bargaining rights have been compromised. Corruption and mismanagement have led to a $600 million debushing and gully-cleaning program, the results of which are yet to be seen. The amount of $243 million dollars was used to purchase used cars for the police. The bulk of the cars are yet to be delivered. Recently $190 million was spent on new high-end cars for the Prime Minister and some of the Members of his Cabinet.
   The rate of inflation continues to spiral and, consequently, most people live a hand-to-mouth existence. More than 700,000 people or 25 percent of the country's population, are squatters. Is there a correlation between poverty and the high murder rate? Two parishes (or geographic areas) are presently under a state of emergency. However, it seems like the gangs are always one step ahead of the police and the military. When the security forces are in these areas, other areas become very volatile.
   A former minister of government said that Divine Intervention is needed to solve Jamaica's crime problem. Indeed, Jamaica needs to once more realize that God is the Divine Master. The government, the private sector, and the church must realize its obligation and responsibility to the marginalized and downtrodden of the society. Radical transformation and intervention are needed in the areas of economics, education, socialization, health, agriculture, housing, and spirituality. The Jamaican people need to develop a sense of their own self-worth and dignity.
   If you throw a stone in a calm body of water, it will cause a rippling effect and create waves that will move far beyond the point of origin. As Allegany Franciscans Sisters in Jamaica, we can be compared to that stone. We will never know how far the effects will be, but, through our faith, our hope, and our love, we know that love conquers all. As we continue to live our life and mission of evangelization, we are strengthened by the reality that the Sisters at the Motherhouse and other houses of intercession are in solidarity with us as they pray daily for Jamaica so that the cloud of darkness will be lifted and the sun will shine once again.

Tri-CRI Joins with Investors for Opioid Accountability 
By: Gloria Oehl OSF

   The follow are highlights from the Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment (Tri-CRI) on Opioid Overdosing: what drug companies and distributors can do.
   ICCR members (of which Tri-CRI is a member and FSA as part of the coalition) joined with a new coalition, Investors for Opioid Accountability, to engage with drug companies and distributors to make sure the they are:
  • adequately disclosing the addiction potential of opioids and
  • reporting suspicious spikes in the sale or distribution of opioids to drug enforcement authorities as mandated under federal law. 
    Also, investors in the manufacturers of drugs to treat opioid overdoses and addiction seek greater affordability of and access to these treatments.  

Renodin Foundation Awards Spring 2018 Grants 
By: Connie Cooper, Communications Coordinator, St. Elizabeth Mission Society

  Each year, the Dr. Lyle F. Renodin Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, provides grants for programs and projects whose public charitable purposes are carried out in a manner consistent with the tradition of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany. Requests for monies must show a connection to the mission of the Foundation, assist the needy, the underprivileged, the elderly, the developmentally disabled, the handicapped, or the economically disadvantaged. Awarded projects also showed sustainability to live on long after the award period is over.
   The Foundation board of directors met recently to review grant applications for the spring 2018 cycle. Dominic Rogers, board chair, is proud to announce that 14 grants were approved and awarded totaling $30,982. Read about the grants awarded here
   The Dr. Lyle F. Renodin Foundation, attentive to the religious tradition and pastoral mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, New York, is committed to the Gospel stance of social justice which is lived out in a spirit of love, healing, and compassion. The Foundation focuses its energy and resources primarily in the Allegany/Cattaraugus Counties of New York and McKean County of Pennsylvania and strives to improve the quality of life of our poor and marginalized neighbors.
To learn more about the Renodin Foundation grants or to apply or donate, visit or contact Laura Whitford at 716-373-0200 or via email at .

AFM Supports Student Marchers

   Allegany Franciscan Ministries (AFM), of Palm Harbor, FL, provided grants to support two groups of area students who traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the March for Our Lives on March 24, 2018.
   AFM also released a statement calling for common sense gun control, stating:
"Every life is sacred; deaths and injuries from guns, especially to children, teenagers, and innocent people are not acceptable. Allegany Franciscan Ministries calls for immediate and sustained action to enact common sense gun control laws."
  As part of the statement, AFM's Board of Directors is calling for:
  • A ban on civilian ownership of high-capacity, military-grade assault weapons, and  bump stocks;
  • Comprehensive background checks and mandatory waiting periods for all gun purchases;
  • Legislation to make gun trafficking a federal crime.

   The grants given helped to fund transportation, food, and lodging. Ministry leadership also worked with other local partners to support marches in the three regions they serve, as well as nationally.


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