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April 2020 Newsletter
Biking & Walking are now more important
than ever.
During this community crisis, biking & walking are providing community connection, mental relief, physical fitness, and transit utility . They can be your path to resilience, individually and with your community.

So go for a ride or a walk . It's catching on! Rates are doubling & tripling in some places. See more here, from ECGA.

And read our blogpost for ideas on what you can do now.
Midlands Gives
PCC continues to work for better biking & walking statewide, but we need your help . Donations and fundraising events have already taken hits for 2020, due to coronavirus, and yet the need for programming remains.

Please help us secure new donations , during this year's Day of Giving: May 5th. You can also schedule a donation prior.
PCC Legislative Update: S.723 and S.906
All 2020 legislative actions are at a standstill. We feel the pain of this intensely, because the Hands Free (S.723) and 3 Feet bills still had legs, prior to Coronavirus. They have lost their legs for 2020, so now we prepare for 2021.

The Governor is expected to make revisions to his Executive Order in mid-May. If the General Assembly does not adopt a Sine Die resolution by May 14th, they will be unable to consider any legislative matters until next January, other than those things the Governor potentially stipulates in an emergency session. A Sine Die Resolution allows them to take up certain types of legislation after they hit the statutory adjournment date of May 7th. Such legislation might include the Budget, Resolutions, bills on the calendar that have beat the crossover deadline (ours have not), bills that are needed to extend sunset requirements, and bills needed to deal with the Coronavirus.

In 2021, we anticipate big opportunities to develop a comprehensive road safety agenda with broad partners.

To do so, we need your support. Please donate today, or schedule a donation for Midlands Gives: May 5th.
Thank you.
SC Livable Communities Alliance: update

SCDOT continues to develop their Strategic Highway Safety Plan and their Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Action Plan .
PCC continues to advise SCDOT on these plans, in addition to the effort towards a high quality Complete Streets Departmental Directive, promised by the SCDOT Secretary of Transportation.
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Many resheduled events below:

Sept 18-20
Oct 2
Nov 4-8
Nov 8-9
Nov 8-9

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We are only as strong as the members that support us.
Please donate and be a part of our efforts today!

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Share the Road plates are for sale online, once again! Technical difficulties should be resolved. Let us know if you still experience problems.

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Community Engagement Coordinator
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