~ April 2021 ~
Your membership is valid through Dec. 31, 2021
Thanks for being among the 662 memberships (893 members, 492 of whom are range members) new or renewed for 2021.
Message from our president Steve Smith . . .
Hello Members,

I’m excited to be your new president, and look forward to leading CVOA as it emerges from dormancy for so many of its activities and goes back to the very active outdoor association indicated by its name. Fortunately, this past year the Range was able to operate almost normally, and it was an excellent outdoor activity safely done during this pandemic. Also, a few small informal snowshoe hikes were successfully completed. Though we had electronic means to attend meetings, to gather with family and friends and to meet outdoors, I believe we most missed the personal social interactions that are part of everything CVOA does. It sure has been an unusual year.

We held our Annual Meeting via Zoom and hope this was the last 100% Zoom Annual Meeting. The business meeting was brief and included accepting the minutes of the previous meeting, approving the budget, and election of officers. Thanks again to everyone who attended. After the business meeting we had an outstanding presentation by CVOA member Laurie Chandler about her solo canoe journey through Maine’s Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. We learned a great deal about the planning and perseverance it takes to embark on an adventure such as hers. There are other less arduous ways to visit this Maine National Monument and perhaps CVOA members will go there and report on their experiences.

I’m hoping, and CVOA is planning, for the upcoming year to be a banner one. We have ski trips planned for next winter, and we’ll be back to weekly bowling, social gatherings, bike outings, and more. There are some improvements planned for the Range, which continues to be a mainstay for so many of CVOA’s members.

Volunteers make CVOA an outstanding member organization. Please join in the fun and volunteer to help with activities. More participation makes our events more successful.

Wishing you all successful vaccinations and a healthy return to normalcy over the next few months.

Yonder Knoll - Saturday
Snowshoe or hike to Yonder Knoll
Saturday, April 3 - 1:00 to 3:00ish

Curious about or enthralled with ‘Yonder Knoll’ ?

This short and comfortable hike promises views over to the Loaf
on our ascent, and, at the top, an outstanding 270 degree view
up and down the valley.

Meet at the Stratton Brook Hut parking lot, (just north of the
Access Road) on route 27 at 1:00 PM on Saturday April 3. We
have a 15 minute walk on the Narrow Gauge trail ( poles, cleats,
and/or snowshoes ) then at the trailhead, we take a few minutes
to put on our snowshoes. At this time of year, we may not need
them, but I’m not sure. We have a 30 minute ascent in the
hardwoods, on some skidder trails to ‘Yonder Knoll’, a rocky
outcropping . The last 1/3 mile is moderately steep, but otherwise
it’s easy. Please have poles , for your safety. Thank you !

A 15-20 minute stop at the top to soak in the incredible view, and
snack as you desire. Then a 30 minute descent, arriving back to
the parking lot comfortably by 2:45 PM…

Any friends, guests, family and four-legged friends are welcome!

This is a ‘show and go’ event, in any weather, so no need to sign
up. A FREE million dollar view ! Face coverings are in order.

Looking forward to seeing you.
Jan Mildram - 207-491-6798
Ski Trips in 2022
Ski Trips in 2022

We are excited to be offering three great trips out west for 2022! Check out the trips, and our reservation rules and policies.
Click on image for complete Big Sky brochure and information. Brochure, information and reservation forms will be emailed to all current members on Saturday, April 10. Reservation forms may be postmarked beginning April 12.
Snowbird/Alta – February 26 to March 5 – $2,420 pp/do
Trip Leader: Bonnie Farrar – phone: 207.735.3984
The air details have not been finalized, and once flights are scheduled, they will likely change before the trip. The dates and pricing will not change, once we have a contract with Great Events. At that time, we will send trip information to current members. Contact Bonnie if you have questions or hope to go on the trip.

Package includes:
• Round trip air Boston to Salt Lake City
• Airport/Lodging transfers
• 7 nights’ accommodations at Snowbird’s Cliff Lodge (Canyon View BR with 2 Q’s)
• 5 day plus sixth day free ski pass
Single Supplement: $940
$500 per person deposit due September 10, 2021; balance due Nov. 25, 2021
No air/transfers: deduct $550*
No lift ticket: deduction to be determined
* subject to change
Aspen/Snowmass – March 5 to 12, 2022 – $2,120 pp – 4 per 2BR/2bath condo
Trip Leaders: Lee & Jon Goss – phone: 207-542-9361
The air details have not been finalized, and once flights are scheduled, they will likely change before the trip. The dates and pricing will not change, once we have a contract with Great Events. At that time, we will send trip information to current members. Contact Lee and Jon if you have questions or hope to go on the trip.
Package includes:
·        Round trip air Boston to Denver
·        Airport/Lodging transfers (bus to/from Snowmass)
·        7 nights’ accommodations at Top of the Village Condo’s in Snowmass Village
·        5 out of 10 day 4-mountain pass valid at Aspen, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk
3 people per 2BR/2bath condo $2,410* per person (equivalent to an $870 single supplement)
$500 per person deposit due September 10, 2021; balance due Nov. 25, 2021
No air/transfers: deduct $400*
Lift Tickets: 6-day Adult add $100; 5-day Sr. deduct $70; 6-day Sr. no +/-;
No lift ticket: deduct $380
* subject to change
Click on logos for resort information.
CVOA Policy on Filling Trips

In June of 2020, the Board approved a policy for filling available spaces on trips. You can read the complete document HERE. The most relevant part of the policy follows:
• Filling spaces on trips:
o The postmark dates of the mailed forms will determine the date of receipt. Priority for filling spaces will be based on date of receipt, on a daily basis.
o If on any day at any time in the process there are more reservations received than there are spaces, a blind drawing will be held to determine priority for awarding the available spaces, and priority for the remainder on a subsequent waiting list.
• For the first three days of receipt of reservation forms, tenured members (those who were paid members 60 days or more before the initial reservation date) have priority over newer members.

This policy does not address every conceivable circumstance. Our 2021 trips were postponed until 2022. In fairness to those members who signed up for the 2021 trips, they will be given the opportunity to mail their reservation forms prior to the postmark date specific to each trip, giving them guaranteed spaces on the trip. After the first date of postmark, they will no longer have any priority.
Ski Trip Reservation Fees

Each CVOA trip requires a non-refundable fee to CVOA for $50, which is mailed with your CVOA reservation form. These monies are used for trip expenses such as bus driver gratuities, trip parties, and other expenses at the discretion of the trip leader. The $50 fee is refundable only if a) there is no space available for you or b) the trip is cancelled.
Snow N Go Events - Easy Peasy!
Aaahh, spring! Some beautiful sunny days ahead of us. Get outside. Visit with friends. Make new friends. This can still happen with appropriate social distancing and precautions, particularly outdoors. How simple it is to think ahead a couple of days, when the weather looks promising, and plan such an activity.
With short notice, Cindy will send your details to the entire membership via an email message. Fun, easy, and even if it the turnout is small, worthwhile.
Keep this in mind!
Range News
Hello Range Members,

2021 Range Badges
The Spring shooting season is just around the corner. That means new Range Badges and a new gate code will be mailed to all current members at the end of April, and will go into effect on May 15th. 
May 8, Annual Range Cleanup and Cookout
Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 8, when we will hold our annual Range Cleanup and Cookout.
9am to noon:
We need your help to get the Range in shape for the new shooting season. Please come dressed to get dirty and bring work gloves, rakes and carpentry tools if you can help with carpentry. Some of the items on the “to do list” include:
  • Painting and Staining
  • Build shelving for storage of clays
  • Clean inside 5-Stand – vacuum walls, window sills, ceiling, floor; wash windows
  • Outside:
  • • Pick and dig rocks in front of 5-Stand
  • • Rake shell casings on pistol and rifle ranges
  • • Rake plastic wads on 5-stand and trap fields
  • • Rake around sign at top of driveway
  • • Move out picnic tables
  • • Set up 5-Stand
  • • Move 450 cases of clays into the 5-Stand building
  • • Test trap machines
Noon – BBQ
At noon, we invite all Range Members, their families, and volunteers to a BBQ and brief Range Meeting about our upcoming Range events.
1:00 p.m. – Trap House training

Look for complete details in the May newsletter.
Opening Day of Trap Shooting - May 15
We anticipate opening the trap shooting season on Saturday, May 15. Look for the schedule in the May newsletter.
Range Safety
Our Range has continued to grow and to provide a safe shooting environment for all:
  1. There are signs posted at the entrance and shooting venues; they provide sign in and safety instructions for Range use. Please take a moment to review these instructions.
  2. All guests and the general public are required to sign in at the gatehouse before proceeding to the shooting venue or clubhouse. Inside you will find Day Use Waiver Forms for guest shooters, and Guest Badges for Day Use visitors. Day Use fee is $5, and if no Range Officer is present, the fee is paid into the lock box on the honor system.
  3. First Aid/Trauma kits are located around the Range: one at the rifle range, one at the five stand range, and one at the club house. These include basic first aid items such as band aids and alcohol wipes, as well as advanced trauma equipment like tourniquets and quick clotting bandages. If you need to access the First Aid/Trauma Kit for any reason, please fill out an Incident Report. 
  4. The Range has created and adopted a Safety Operating Procedure, or SOP, which gives detailed rules and guidelines for Range Operations. The SOP is posted on the range web site, and is available for review in the club house. 
  5. Range Safety Officers are not on the Range during some of the operating hours. As such, during these Passive Range Operating times, it is the duty of all members to know and follow posted rules. The Range would like to invite members to become NRA certified Range Safety Officers. CVOA will pay for your training which will be invaluable to the Range. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Diane Stone at (207) 240-4752.
Delivery of Clays to the Range
After all was said and done, we will be ordering 8 pallets of clays from Geiser Guns in Sunbury, PA. Combining orders with gun clubs in Guilford and Rangeley, we were able to get a good rate on the clays and the shipping, with Geiser Gun delivering the clays on their own truck.

We have requested delivery on Friday, May 7, and will be looking for members to help move the clays into the 5-stand building on our work day on May 8
Although winter is coming to the end, the range is plowed to the storage shed and to the rifle ranges.

And, the bathroom will be heated through the cold months for member use; it will also keep up the AED batteries.
Diane Stone, Range Secretary

Neal Trask, Range President
Report: Annual Board/Member Meeting
Annual Meeting - March 21

Mark called the meeting to order at 3:00, with 12 officers and directors present, along with 12 members-at-large. He commented that it has been a quiet year, although we did update our bylaws. We have several ski trips in the works for next year. Our financial situation is very stable, if not stronger, with so many members joining and renewing. The range continues to be a main stay of CVOA, with many thanks for Ray and Diane Stone for their commitment to the range. For the 22nd time, we will elect new and returning officers and board.

Secretary’s Report – Cindy Foster
Our current member count is 575 memberships, with 890 members, of whom 500 are range members. Renewals are strong. The interest in our Constant Contact newsletters and emails is very strong, with 75% of the recipients opening the last newsletter.

Treasurer’s Report – Sam Hudspath
Our account balances total about $85,000. He will send $500 to the Sugarloaf Ski Club King’s Kids Fund, which completes our three-year commitment of $2,000. Regarding the 2021 budget (included in the official minutes), the CVOA portion of the budget is very similar to last year’s. The range portion has been updated and includes a couple of new projects.

Range Report – Ray Stone
Ray reports we will have a cleanup day on May 8th, with opening day planned for May 15th. Stratton Lumber has truckloads of bark mulch to give to us, delivered. It will allow us to finish the 50-yard range as well as redirect the road to be further from the trap field and closer to the shooting stands; the redirected road will greatly increase the safety at our range.
John Sexton inquired about the eligibility of the various officers he has seen using the range. Cindy explained that we have 5 agencies entailing 137 officers who pay a per officer rate of $40 to $60. The agencies are Coburn Gore Port of Entry, Jackman POE, Rangeley Border Patrol, Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and the Carrabassett Valley Police Department. [note: CVPD is given memberships gratis due to the amount of support we receive from Sugarloaf and the town.] The agencies pay us well, and use the range a lot. On occasion, they are allowed to close the range for their qualifications. Diane noted that quite often the officers drive into the range to check things out and keep an eye out for us.
Election of Officers and Directors
The following officers were elected
  • President: Steve Smith
  • Vice President: Thom Johnston
  • Secretary: Cindy Foster
  • Treasurer: Sam Hudspath
The following directors for 3-year terms ending in 2024 were elected:
  • Craig Lehigh
  • Nancy Makin
  • Jeannette Parker

Mark turned the meeting over to our incoming president Steve Smith, who thanked Mark for leading us through the past most unusual year. Thanks to all who are attending what we hope will be our last full-Zoom meeting. Steve is happy to be leading our outdoor association, with hopes we will be able to have more outdoor activities this year, and give us once again the social gatherings we all enjoy. Volunteers make CVOA what it is, and he encouraged everyone to participate. Vaccinations are well under way for many of us, and Steve encouraged the others to get their vaccinations.

The business meeting was completed at 3:17pm – to view the Minutes of the Meeting, CLICK HERE.
Steve introduced member Laurie Chandler, who gave us a wonderful presentation two years ago about her solo canoe trip from NY to Maine. This year she will told us about her canoe trip through Maine’s Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

To watch a video of her presentation on YouTube,
Report: Saddleback day trip
It was another great day at Saddleback on Tuesday, March 24 when 8 CVOA skiers ventured to Rangeley for a day of skiing. The skies were mostly blue and the temperatures warmed steadily through the day. The slightly icy conditions of the early part of the morning gave way to spring corn, making the groomed trails fun and the bumped trails challenging. It was definitely worth the trip despite the frost heaves and having to put boots on in the parking lot.

Lunch for some was outside on the deck of the base lodge: those who were organized enough to pack a lunch. The rest of us ate in The Pub with a nice view north toward the Kennebago area and Canada. The food was good once again and the wait staff pleasant and efficient.

I think all agree it is a nice alternative to the Loaf, and it is so close by.

~ Patti Johnston
Bruce, Becky, Jocelyn, Steve, Thom, Bob Zinn, Shirley Zinn, Patti
Steve Whitcomb, Bruce Engler, Jocelyn Kinsella, Becky Drew
Other News
Town of Carrabassett Valley Warrants
Town Meeting April 14

John McCatherin writes:

. . . the Town of Carrabassett Valley town warrant to be voted upon in the referendum-style town meeting April 14 includes two articles that include funding for CVOA projects: Article 10 which provides $350 in matching funds for stocking of fish at the outdoor center pond; and Article18 which will carry forward $14,979 to this year for matching grant funding for the 50-yard shooting range …. the two articles have been recommended by the Town Budget Committee.

John encourages C.V. citizens who are registered voters to support these two projects.
How to Contact Us
President Steve Smith: 207.799.8254: cvoa.president@gmail.com
Vice President Thom Johnston: 207-852-3595: cvoa.vicepresident@gmail.com
Treasurer Sam Hudspath: 207.458.9138: cvoa.treasurership@gmail.com
Secretary Cindy Foster: 207.829.6110: cvoa.secretary@gmail.com
Adventure Coordinator Patti Johnston: 207.745.5815: cvoa.adventures@gmail.com
Range Secretary Diane Stone: 207.240.4752: cvoa.range@gmail.com
Range Chairman Neal Trask: 207.235.2732

Or reply to this newsletter and I will forward your email to the appropriate person. Cindy
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