April 2020 Newsletter

Volunteers Making New Canaan Beautiful

Presidents' Letter

Cheerful and healthy greetings--it is certainly a new world that we are all enduring. This is not the spring we were anticipating. Yet, despite all the cancellations, our dedicated members continue to carry on. A lot of behind the scenes efforts will pay off soon!
How fortunate we are to be gardeners, supporters and enthusiasts for beauty! It makes us smile especially at the surprises that are popping up and emerging daily thanks to Mother Nature. This is a GOOD TIME to quietly and independently soak it all in. Enjoy and revel in the pruning and weeding--it does pay off.

What’s new? The Board of Directors will soon hold our first Zoom meeting. Our letters
of request for Annual Appeal donations are coming to our post office box, and Karen Hanson is documenting the funding which we are so much more grateful for, at this time. Residents are already asking about and anticipating our hanging baskets!

Treasurer Dave Hunt is carefully monitoring our budget and investments and we hope we will not have to cut back on everything that is already planned--Mead Park, Triangles, Lee Garden, and the train station renovation. Have you seen how gorgeous the mailbox drop is looking? It requires ongoing maintenance. Civic Beautification will schedule maintenance via emails while keeping social distancing in mind.

We so very much look forward to seeing you in person, but until then, see our note below on how to connect with your fellow NCBL members using our new Facebook group!

Barbara and Karen
Program Cancellations
Although the following programs have been cancelled, let's look optimistically towards the future when they will be rescheduled:
April 8: Limited invitation to the New Canaan Garden Club program "Heroes of Horticulture"

May 6: "Connecticut's Historic Gardens" with Laurie Masciandaro
Keep in Touch with Members!
Do you miss meeting with our NCBL members? We have a solution! Thanks to an idea from Kathy Lapolla and the work of Lisa Ferrante bringing it to life, we now have a Facebook Group where you can chat and post photos. Just click on the link below to navigate to the group and click on the "join" button! After being approved, you will be able to join in on the conversation!
Watch Doug Tallamy:
On March 3, Doug Tallamy spoke to a full house in New Canaan on "Nature's Best Hope: Conservation that Starts in Your Yard". This talk was based on his new book by the same name.

Doug gave us much information and we received great comments after the event. If you didn't get to see Doug or want to watch the replay of the event, click the button below:
This program was sponsored by the New Canaan Pollinator Pathway. Find out more by clicking the icon below:
Gardening at Home: Weeds!
Many of us may have more time to work in our own gardens these days and
as spring progresses, so do the weeds! Our Triangle cochair and Landscape Architect Barbara Wilson is sharing a reference with us. Created by Todd Mervosh from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES), this document describes various weeds in our region in all stages of development. By looking at the photos in this document, you will be able to identify a weed in its beginning stages in order to remove it before it spreads or sets seed.

Please note that NCBL does not endorse or promote the use of Round Up. The management of the weeds on our triangles and the properties we care for are done without the use of herbicides.

Download "Identifying and Managing Weeds in Gardens" by Todd Mervosh by clicking the button below.

Visit the CAES website by clicking the icon below:
NCBL Slate of Officers for 2020-2021
We are very happy to announce our slate of officers for the 2020-2021 year. We will be voting on this slate in June, so we ask that you take a moment and look at the proposed slate by clicking the button below. If we cannot be together in person for the vote, we will do so by email.
NCBL Banner
Please welcome our newest members!

Karen and Todd Holson
Nina and Michael LaMagna

Lee Garden
After closure of the public parks in town, Lee Garden is now closed to the public.
Nature however, doesn't stop growing. Faith Kerchoff was able to take these photos before closure.
Lee Garden can use some additional birdhouses. Are you handy with woodworking, or would your children enjoy putting a simple birdhouse together for us to use? We have found online resources for birdhouse kits that can be shipped to your home. Here are some examples:
Essays from Joan Sargent
Photos from our Members
Since being asked to stay at home, many of our members have been enjoying their own yards and taking walks on our streets. Here are just a few photos to share:
Dody Whitehurst is enjoying her stream and waterfalls in her backyard.
Carol Seldin has a whimsical and cheerful bunny container on her property.
Karen Hanson took some time off from tending her own triangle to visit another. Karen and Peter enjoyed the Nursery Road triangle on this sunny spring day.
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