Protecting Local Medical Workers
On the Frontlines
In January, as COVID-19 spread throughout China and Southeast Asia, SOS responded by delivering personal protection items to hospitals in those regions. Hoping to keep the virus contained in one area, we responded with the rest of the world by assisting how we could. We know what happened next. Now that COVID-19 has spread to all 50 states, and every county in Kentucky, SOS has focused on assisting our hospitals, nursing homes and civil service agencies in our own community.
Every day we are responding to requests for help from our local partners. In the last week, SOS has donated hundreds of thousands of gloves, masks, gowns and eye shields to our local healthcare partners including Hosparus Health, Day Spring, Treyton Oak Towers and Klondike Center (pictured). Donating these supplies to hospitals and home health nurses will keep our medical workers protected while on the frontlines of the crisis. Our police officers and EMT responders are also in close contact with people likely infected. We've had patrol officers tell us that they do not have the protection they need - and this week we have delivered two shipments of hand sanitizer, gloves and masks to LMPD . With Mayor Fischer's confirmation that an officer tested positive for the coronavirus, it's more important than ever to distribute protective items throughout our city.

We are helping our community every day, but we also need our community to help us. Please consider supporting our Local Donation Program to ensure we can continue providing supplies those in need in our neighborhoods.
Hosparus Health
Protecting Medical Workers Globally
During the last 6 weeks we have been committed to supporting our community but our commitment to improving medical care globally has not waivered. We are currently preparing shipments to facilities in Central Africa and India (pictured) that are preparing ICU's for the coming iflux of coronavirus patients.

COVID-19 information on Africa and India p rovides an insight on what our shipments will be addressing. Most developing countries around the world do not have the healthcare infrastructure to handle routine medical care, much less a surge of coronavirus cases. Our work for the past 25 years has created access to medical care and we will remain committed to improving the quality of care worldwide long after the current situation resolves.
Sew Facemasks for Our Local Nurses
You may have seen on social media or TV that, due to the shortage of personal protection items, people across the country have begun to sew facemasks at home for healthcare providers in their community.  We have been working daily to deliver personal protection items to our local medical facilities,  but now you can help us create them!

Would you be interested in sewing these facemasks at home?  We will provide all the materials needed - all you need is a sewing machine. We have step by step instructions here that have been approved by the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Just reply to this email and we will prepare supplies for you to start!
Mark Your Calendars
Remember what eating in a restaurant was like? We've re-scheduled some fundraising nights so follow our social media for updates on ways to support SOS at upcoming events!

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