April News....

It is hard to believe we have been self-isolating for over a month. It has been a season of uncertainty to say the least!

We have been doing our best to navigate what is required by law, planning for different scenarios for the the upcoming summer season and so many other unknowns. Although it is frustrating, we recognize that many have had to continue working at a personal risk to themselves and family members, some have lost income and others have health concerns or even lost loved ones due to COVID-19.

Through all of this, we know that God is in control. We also know he is going to work through His church, His people and His camps in the days, weeks and months ahead.

In the short term, we have had clarification from the Solicitor General regarding the operation of the camp. I have attached the letter for you to read. The letter states that we are closed for for recreation, any scheduled events and to our leaseholders, except those that have re-entered Canada and need a place to quarantine or those without another Canadian address. That means if a leaseholder has used Braeside to quarantine, but has another Canadian address they must go home after their quarantine is finished.

I know this is frustrating as we approach May 1st, and our hope is that this order will be reviewed and amended as soon as possible. We continue to prepare the grounds for opening so we are ready as soon as seasonal campgrounds are removed from the non-essential list.

If you are a leaseholder without another Canadian address you need to contact me personally before returning to your cottage or trailer for more details.

If you need to be on the grounds for any reason, you MUST contact one of the staff members. Although the office is closed, we are checking messages and working from home. You can also contact us on our cell phones or emails listed below.

Continue to pray that this health crisis is quickly brought under control and continue to stay connected to your extended families, friends and churches. We are praying for you!

Thank you for submitting your pictures to our Braeside Memories contest. We loved them all. We do have to give honourable mention to John-Mark Giancola who posted pictures from childhood to the day he asked his beautiful wife to marry him on the grounds of Braeside. You can't put into words what an important place Braeside has been to our family and I know, yours! Thank you for your pics of family, ministry, friends, co-workers and SUMMER FUN! The winner of the merch prize pack is: Adam Edwards! Thank you Adam for reminding us of a time we didn't know what "social distancing" was!
For our next contest, take a picture of you or your family "self-isolating" in your Braeside Merch. The contest will close Monday, May 4th. All entries will be put into a draw for a $100 Braeside Gift Card. Click the facebook and instagram links at the bottom of this email for more details.

Let Braeside do the grocery shopping for you!

If you live locally, you can place your first order between Thursday, April 23 and Monday, April 27th at 4:00pm. 

Orders will be ready for pick up on Friday, May 1st between 11:00am and 4:00pm. 

We will box your orders and put the boxes directly into your trunk. You can also order baked goods and a prepared meal.

To order visit the website or print the order form.
Reminder that lease payments are due.

If you need to pay your lease you can contact Ryan by phone or email. You can also mail or drop payment into the mail slot at the office. IF you want to pay with debit, contact us to set up a time.

We are checking the mail slot and mail everyday.

If you need to discuss your lease to arrange a payment plan please contact Ryan or Mark directly.

Thanks to all those that have already paid their lease payments.

We will enjoy Braeside together again soon!

Mark: 519-209-1699

Ryan 226-340-5772

Andrea 647-272-3935

Braeside Camp | 519-442-3773 |   info@braesidecamp.ca | braesidecamp.ca