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The No Bull April Newsletter 

     with Danny Manus 


Long time no speak, everyone! First, I need to apologize for not putting out a March Newsletter and being so late in April. Another, much more comprehensive and info-packed Newsletter will be sent out next week.

But I wanted to let you know a bit of what's happened the last 8 weeks and why there's been some radio silence at least in the newsletters.

8 weeks ago, right after my last newsletter, my wonderful Grandmother Ethel Manus passed away at the age of 89. It was somewhat sudden though not wholly unexpected, just an unexpected time. So I went back to NY for the funeral and to spend some time with my family and take some personal time. As you may have noticed, I also had to cancel my 4-Week Character Class I had hoped to give in March.

Then 2 weeks ago, while in Kansas City speaking at the Kansas City Film Fest, my Grandfather (on the other side) Al Gordon, my last remaining Grandparent, also passed away. He was sick for a while and the last couple years have not been great for him, so it is somewhat of a relief that he is no longer in any pain and in a much better place than a Florida Nursing Home.

So between these two life events and plenty of other things going on and clients to help, the newsletters unfortunately fell through the cracks.

Losing two grandparents in a short span, especially when in a very small family like mine, makes you look at things differently. But loss can also inspire.

We all have losses in our life, we all have negative things that happen to us and around us. And when that happens, you should take a little time for yourself, reflect, emote, and then put it into your work.

My Grandfather was an artist all his life. He was Stan Lee's partner before Marvel was created, and he spent more nights in his "dungeon" slaving away at his art than he spent anywhere else. A constant creative. My Grandma was a beacon of positivity and encouragement in my life since I was born. Every time we talked, she wished me nothing but happiness and success in everything I do. Without her, I probably would never have been able to come to LA. And so I owe it to her to achieve that success. So I am turning loss into inspiration to take my company, my writing, and my goals to the next level.

It won't be quick, it won't be easy, but when presented with new inspiration - much like opportunity - you need to capitalize on it! And I encourage all of you to do the same. And in the next couple weeks, I am going to have some BIG announcements for you all.

Whatever your definition of success is - finishing your first script, rewriting your next draft, winning that major contest, getting an option, selling your script, getting representation, or just having fun being creative - let's achieve it together.

Below are just a few quick pieces of information that I will go into much more detail about next week in the next newsletter. Thank you everyone for your understanding!

Two weeks ago, I was in Kansas City, Missouri for the
Kansas City Film Festival. I was a guest speaker doing a panel on Screenwriting Pitfalls and Pitching, as well as a final Judge for their Heartland Narrative Shorts and Docs category.

In addition, I put together a very successful Writer Meet-Up at the local Barnes and Noble and given that we put it together in 24 hours, we had 17 people turn out, which was great.

Our panel on Saturday was standing room only, and writer/director Casey Twenker and I gave some great info on a number of different topics, including pitching.

And if you're bored, you can go on YouTube and check out my segment on KANSAS CITY LIVE! The local NBC Morning Show in Kansas City was my morning TV Debut! Huge thanks to Michelle Davidson, who brought me on the show and went easy on me.

I was honored to be part of the festivities, saw some wonderful shorts and features, met some great talent, and hope to be back next year. It proved to me that great projects can come from anywhere. So keep at it!

As you read this, I am on a plane to Vegas for the Las Vegas Writers Conference!

I'm so excited because It's my third year back, teaching all new classes and doing pitch consults for anyone needing some help.

I will be teaching "Writing Your Natural Story" and a 90-minute version of "Creating Compelling, Castable Characters" on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (two times each).

I will also be holding private story consults if anyone is in the Vegas area and wants to book a 15 or 30 minute appointment. Just email me!

If you are in the area, I highly suggest coming out for a day or the weekend and taking some great classes, seminars, pitch meetings, etc. Perfect for book writers, screenwriters, non-fiction writers, sci-fi/fantasy writers, and anyone looking for a smart time in sin city. See you at the tables!! (umm..the pitch tables...yeah...that's what I meant)

To register and for more information, check out
More info to come next week, but I WILL be rescheduling my 4-Week Character Class! Most likely it will start in Late May and go through Mid-June. More details and registration will open again VERY shortly!

For writers who maybe don't want 6-8 pages of notes or don't want to pay for a full notes service but want to know where their script stands, I am now offering A READER SERVICE for the insanely (and temporary) low price of just $75!! The READER Service includes the following -- I will read your script and give you the 20-Pt Grading Sheet and Recommendation along with an extended paragraph of general summary notes (less than 1 page). This service does NOT include a logline or long written notes, but will give you a general idea of where your script is. If you are interested in ordering a Reader Service, please email me at and let me know. Find out if your script is ready for that contest or producer submission.

The 2-Reader Manager Service is still being worked on. It is important to me that whatever Manager joins me in this service list their name and company, so that's what we're working on figuring out. There are plenty of anonymous companies out there where you don't know who is reading your script and giving you notes. No BullScript is NOT one of those companies, and will stay that way!

I will be giving some new Webinars for Stage 32 and The Writers Store soon!! We may even do a live class at Writers Store as well. One of the first topics we'll be covering - Brainstorming Your Idea Onto the Page! More details TBA shortly.

There are a number of major contest deadlines coming up in the next month! Nicholl, Austin, Page, Scriptapalooza, Storypros, Writers Store Industry Insider, etc. For all deadlines, check out Submit your script to No BullScript today to make sure it's ready for the major contests!

This July, my friend and Colleague Lee Jessup (the Scrappy Screenwriter) and I will be joining forces for a 1-Day Live Workshop here in LA. We will discuss how to make screenwriting a real career. How to get in the room, stay there, and be invited back. We are looking at July 19th as the date, but more details TBA soon.

I will be teaching one of the BOOT CAMPS at this year's Screenwriter's World Conference in LA August 15-17th. It will be a Loglines, Query Letters and Leave Behinds Boot Camp and Workshop! I will also be appearing on the Pitch Panel, teaching a Development 101 Class, and will be holding private pitch consultations all weekend. For more info and to Register at the Sale Price, please check out

Big congrats to my client & friend Tracy Reilly for winning the LA Comedy Festival Spec Category w/her Modern Family spec! 2nd time she won!
I will have one more major announcement coming soon. I will be teaming up with a very popular screenwriter's resource website to give quality feedback to even more writers! Stay Tuned!


About Danny Manus: 

Danny Manus is an in-demand script consultant and CEO of No BullScript Consulting, and was ranked in the Top 15 "Cream of the Crop" Script Consultants by Creative Screenwriting Magazine, headshot 2010. He is also the author of the E-Book "No B.S. for Screenwriters: Advice from the Executive Perspective." Danny was the Director of Development for Clifford Werber Productions (Cinderella Story, Sydney White) and is attached to produce several projects independently. He was previously a Development Consultant for Eclectic Pictures and the DOD at Sandstorm Films, which had a first look deal at Screen Gems. He is a columnist for Business of Show Institute and ScriptMag and teaches seminars to writers across the country. 

Danny Manus
No BullScript Consulting
This issue's final thought -  That moment where a calm looking family man loses his shit because the Bagel Store is out of Perrier... classic Beverly Hills!