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  • Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling by Edgar Schein

  • Rise and Fall of the Third Reich  by William L. Shirer

  • The X Factor of Employee Engagement: Why Fostering Employee Motivation Should be Every Company's Goal, By Demi Gray, Ph.D.

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Discover all the latest that Women in Leadership has to offer, including Susan Hitchcock's latest article: EVERYDAY SHEroes: Stephanie Gordon, M.D. You also can tune into our BRAND-NEW Podcast, the LeadHer Lounge. Listen to episode one, featuring Nikki Lanier, Founder and CEO of Harper-Slade, a Racial Equity Firm.


From the Experts: Human-centric Leadership


One powerful characteristic that I think needs to be highlighted as key to human-centric leadership is the ability to be a good coach. A leader who understands what coaching is (and what it isn’t) and how to effectively be a coach to team members can be a major catalyst for excellent productivity, team member growth, and strong team culture...


Be Vulnerable, Be Human

By Tino Mantella,

President & CEO, TLG


As leaders, some of us have historically strived to do everything in our power to not show vulnerability. People who subscribed to the old adage “never let them see you sweat” often wore that as a badge of honor. In the past, I’ve found myself in this place because I wanted to project a sense of control, no matter the test or the challenge. It can be a lonely and dishonest place...


Featured Article:


How Executive Coaching Can Elevate You and Your Team

By Turknett Leadership Group


Executive leaders often deal with a lot of pressure, navigating unique challenges they face every day. Executives model leadership, guidance, and confidence. Yet, when executives fall short, it can hurt their careers and negatively impact the entire organization...

Coach Spotlight: Demi Gray

Meet Dr. Demi Gray. Demi is an Executive Coach who is passionate about helping her clients see their path to success. She is also the Chief People & Culture Officer at OMS360. As a human resources expert, Demi specializes in employee engagement and motivation and has a keen understanding of human behavior that helps her to effectively affirm and advocate for her clients and the employees she serves. She is also a published author. Read on to learn more about Demi in this edition of our Coach Spotlight.


In the News:

TLG Welcomes Two New Coaches:

Denise Hall, CPCC, PCC, CTPC

Senior Consultant, TLG

Denise is an ICF Professional Certified Coach with more than three decades of corporate executive and entrepreneurial experience. She helps senior-level technology leaders who are leading teams through change and complexity to remain creative, positive, and goal-oriented. Denise has worked with executives at every stage of business - from start-ups, turnarounds, high-growth companies, mature companies who are re-inventing themselves and plant closures.

Demi Gray, Ph.D., MBA

Senior Consultant, TLG

Demi has coached executives and worked with leaders and board members across diverse industries and to include healthcare, technology, retail, logistics, manufacturing, security and transportation. She has led the operations of Human Resources and People initiatives to include organizational development, change management, project management, workforce management, M&A, talent management and strategic planning.

Founders' Reflections

Robert (Bob) and Lyn (Carolyn) Turknett have been at the forefront of the Leadership Development Industry for over 35 years. Get their latest perspectives, insights, and content by visiting Founder's Reflections on our site!


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