You might feel frustrated with your lack of running freedom right now. Indeed our races, running buddies, club facilities and usual routes are our of reach. It can feel tough combined with all the other changes in our lives this month. Earlier this week I wrote in The Irish Times about how to adapt our training in this difficult time. It's worth a read if you are not sure what you be doing right now.

We are still SO LUCKY have an opportunity to get outside, move and be in nature. We do indeed have to stay within 2 km from our homes, but there is plenty you can do in 200m, not to mention 2 km to stay fit, clear your head and keep moving. It's time to change up our approach to training to make the most of the opportunities we do have right now.
Our Year so Far....
Are you missing us as much as we miss you?

Here is a little collection of some of our running memories from January to early March this year. It just shows we need to appreciate every time we get out and run and meet our buddies when things return to 'normal'. We never truly know whats around the corner but fingers crossed around a few more corners we will be back doing what we love...

We asked what you wanted....
We asked you how we could help you in April to help you stay motivated and moving. Thanks for all the suggestions and we have tried to include as many of your ideas as possible in our plans.

Everything we do this April will be 100% FREE . We know its a tough time financially for many people. Our aim for this month is to support you and your running. We know many of you would be supporting us in our classes and events this month if you could, so it's our chance to give something back to you...

So here is what we have for you :
For our existing running community....

Back to Beginners Running: For anyone who has been through our beginners running classes but has let things slip, now is the time for a comeback. We will guide you online and help you build back up to 30 minutes by the end of the spring. You will be able to run all your 2km out and back route by the end! You can access all this training and chat with others who are also on a comeback in our private forum.

Running Classes - Homework : For those of you who would have been in our classes at this time we are sharing with you 3 weekly training sessions. We will encourage your feedback and run reports and help you keep the community element to our training even if we are running solo for now. The homework will suit everyone who is normally in our FunRun or 'Strength and Speed' Classes. You can access all this training in our private forum.

Guided Exercise Videos : Aoife has already spend a morning videoing some of your favourite exercises in her back garden so that you have no excuse but to include them in your training sessions. Rumour has it that her precious foam roller will feature in a few bonus videos and some resistance bands too. These will be shared in our private forum gradually over the weeks ahead.
And for everyone....

'Plank a Day' Relaunch : Over 2,000 of you have taken part in this online challenge over the years and we are going to bring it back for one month only! Each day this April there will be a 1 minute exercise and a 1 minute 'surprise'. Find out more.

Free online running plans : If it is safe where you live to be outdoors, my 8 week online running programmes with The Irish Times are available for you to watch the videos and then hit your local paths. The beginners programme would get you started (or back running) and you certainly won't need to travel more than 2k from home.

Fortnightly Articles in the paper : I will continue to write in The Irish Times. If you missed my most recent articles, you can have a read here about what to do about races being cancelled and also this week about how to adapt your running this month. My next article will be next Tuesday 7th April.

Reading about running : To all of you who bought my Get Running book, thanks again, but if you have it sitting on a shelf, maybe now is the time to have a read. Have a flick through the pictures even to remind you of times past and of what we all still have to look forward to in the future.

Blogs on the Website : We will have some new blogs up on the website weekly that are most relevant for the weeks that we are in. You can check on the website or you can find the links via Facebook and Twitter .

Note : As always if you are walking or running continue to do so safely when out alone. Let someone know your route. Carry ID of some form and be mindful of the routes you choose and don’t block out noise with headphones.
And Finally.....
I posted this picture and quote on our main Facebook Page during the week and many of you enjoyed it :

"If you listen really closely when you are out running these days you will hear the birds in the trees cheering you along. Go on, listen out for them on your next run  😉 . It’s their way of telling us we are doing just great - even if we don’t feel that all the time these days..."

Mind yourselves everyone and let's keep in touch and keep moving safely this month. Don't give runners a bad name. Follow all the guidelines, enjoy the brighter evenings, keep safe and I will be back again at the end of the month with our May plans.

If you have any questions, be sure to get in touch.

Mary and Aoife x