What is the upside of a pandemic virus? We all have time to cook! With that, we have given you two recipes this month: a delicious casserole and an equally delicious quick bread. 

They can even be eaten together. The Quarantine Torte appeared in our Entertaining Encyclopedia Cookbook. It had a different name. We changed it a bit to stay on-trend, substituting ingredients we couldn’t get with what we had on hand. Name change or not, it remains a delicious classic. If you don’t have a springform pan, no worries, you can use any baking dish. Just butter or oil your pan well. Our other recipe is Diane's Banana Chocolate Quick Bread because now is not the time to cut chocolate out of our diets.

I am fine, Diane is fine, Cindie is fine. We are hunkering down and getting projects done. Our claim to fame--none of us will ever have such clean and organized pantries again. Honesty is often heartbreaking.

Be well, dear friends. Stay healthy and take no chances.