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Upcoming Plant Walks, Programs, Intensives
Susan Clements

Spring ... Summer ... Fall...plants are craving  our attention!

It's time to get out, get dirty hands, wet feet, and explore the woods, meadows, seashore for the the wild ones! Join a walk...or a foraging day where we make medicine, libations,  skin care or lunch...learn about herbal medicine making...explore a different side of plants partnering as spiritual bridges to healing!

Join Susan Clements and venture into the magical world of the green beings!!!


Come meet backyard weeds...invasive species...plants in different growing environments...learn about sustainable they are used for medicine and food

May 13 - Saturday - 10-12 PM Ryan Park, North Kingstown - entrance on Oak Hill Road - please contact for exact meeting location

June 3 - Saturday - 10-12 PM Ryan Park   - entrance on Lafayette Rd

Walks $10

For private land walks, or to schedule your own group, please email for info

Each month brings new adventures! 

Might be lunch, or medicine, a cordial, or a treat for the skin! Collection and hands on included for each program.

M ay 20, Saturday, 10-3, Backyard Weeds (this program will include lunch) - $100

July 9, Sunday, 9-2, It's All About the Roses (this program does NOT include  lunch) -  $100

August 19, Saturday, 10-3, It's Berry  Good by the Seaside   this program does not include lunch) - $100

September 23 - Saturday, 10-3, We're Rooting  for Winter (this program does not include lunch) - $100

For more detailed info on each of these programs, please refer to website 

PLEASE NOTE: A knowledge of basic medicine making will be necessary for these programs. A full day program will be offered JUNE 17  to provide some background in medicine making. Please see details on that program. If a program does not include lunch, please bring your lunch. Tea and bottled water provided.

June 17, Saturday, 10-4

Let's get you started...

Knowing some simple ways to integrate herbs and weeds into your life is the beginning of a journey. This hands on program will provide a bit of background on using herbs as simples (one herb medicines) for wellness. Working with backyard weeds we will collect for making tinctures, infusion, liniment. All materials are included and participants will take home what is made during the class. 

Please bring your lunch. Tea and bottled water will be provided


Using herbs to create peace, harmony and spiritual well being in our everyday lives

This program meets for three sessions:
May 28, Sunday 9:30-12
June 6, Tuesday 6:30-9
June 20, Tuesday 6:30-9

Cost: $90

Plants have long been valued for the vibrational qualities they possess. In many cultures, they continue to be called on in prayerful ways. Incorporated into ritual and ceremony, their etheric qualities support growth and healing on emotional and spiritual levels. This multi part program will guide participants through: connecting plants to the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit; fostering a deeper connection through intuition; using plants for protection and clearing; spiritual bathing; how to incorporate in making healing products; creating smudge sticks; integrating into ceremony; making a healing mandala. Each session will build on the next.