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President Biden Signs Executive Order To Fix "Family Glitch": As many of our customers know, under the Affordable Care Act, employer coverage for a family was deemed "affordable" based on whether or not the employee's premiums was "affordable." The meant even though an employee's portion of insurance was relatively inexpensive, it didn't matter the cost of the employee's family.. It would be deemed "affordable" under the Affordable Care Act. Often costing more than $1000 per month just to cover a spouse and children. President Biden signed an executive order on April 5th to change that. Starting January 1st 2023, if a family's coverage (not just the employee) costs more than 10% of the household income, the household will be eligible for a tax credit under the individual Affordable Care Act plans.

New Special Enrollment Period For Those With Incomes Less Than 150% FPL Now Active: If your income is equal or less than 150% of the Federal Poverty Limit you will qualify to enroll in or change your Affordable Care Act plan starting with April 1st 2022 effective dates. This has actually been effective prior to this. However, the Marketplace / Healthcare .gov did not have the logistical capability of doing so. If you would like to apply or change your plan, please reach out to us. To the right is a chart of what your HOUSEHOLD income is required to be at or below to qualify for this Special Enrollment Period.

Who is eligible? Clients are eligible for this SEP if they fit both of these criteria:
Have an estimated annual household income at or below 150% FPL (See above chart) and are otherwise eligible for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit.

What are the effective dates? This monthly SEP will follow accelerated effective date rules, which means you can enroll any day of the month and have coverage start the first day of the next month. For example, if you enroll in a plan on 3/30/22, their coverage will begin on 4/1/22.

How long will the Special Enrollment last? For now, this SEP only exists for this year. It will only be extended if American Rescue Plan Act subsidies are extended.

Pfizer Recalls Popular Blood Pressure Prescriptions: Pfizer is voluntarily recalling the following commonly used blood pressure prescriptions citing elevated levels of nitrosamine, N-nitroso-quinapril, which increase are impurities that increase the risk of cancer. Read More Here

Quinapril HCI/hydrochlorothiazide

Insurance Advisors & Agents No Longer Allowed to Provide Insurance Cards for ACA Plans: Per the Consolidated Appropriates Act, insurance advisors and agents are no longer allowed to provide temporary or regular insurance cards. Instead, we can provide a coverage letter proving the individual does have coverage, along with their policy numbers, etc. until the regular insurance card is received in the mail. Individuals may also login to their insurance company consumer portal to access their digits cards. You may register or access your insurance portal below.

Free Covid-19 Coverage For Uninsured To End April 5th: With federal funds running out, uninsured program will no longer be accepting new claims for testing, treatment and administering vaccines on April 5th. Read More Here.

FDA Announces Recal of Acid Reflux/Stomach Presciription: Read Announcement Here
Medica COVID-19 Vaccine Website and Information
National General has typically been offering the lowest priced 3 year plans for those age 55 and younger. Contact us if you are interested in quotes.

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Pivot Health is now offering 3 year plans in Iowa.
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UHC has is currently offering both 2 and 3 year plans. While they are similar in price, the 2 year plan has substantially easier underwriting. If you would like to see these options, please let us know.

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