Springing into Action
Dear Community,

In our move to telehealth, we haven't stopped finding ways to reach  every single one  of our clients. Each one matters, each one deserves access to mental health counseling. They always have. That's why we are here.

From our grocery store workers, to our delivery workers, to our health care workers, to our remote working parents, to our remote learning youth, to our isolated older adults, to our newly unemployed . . . we are finding new ways to support clients with the unique challenges we face during these stay at home orders. 

Parents and caregivers are joining us for telehealth sessions with their children. Clients are creatively finding private spaces to receive telehealth counseling, sometimes sitting in a parked car or taking their phones along for a walk. And sometimes we still need the old face-to-face, in-person visit to find relief.  

We are essential during this period of impact of COVID-19 and we will be essential as we recover. We are grateful to our donors and funders who have responded with funds promptly, offering empathic ears and flexibility so we can respond quickly. Please continue to support us NOW so we can continue to support a mentally healthier Colorado for years to come. 
 In Community,
Chief Executive Officer
Thanks to a  $10,000  COVID-19 Support Fund grant from Caring for Denver Foundation , our community's tax dollars are helping Maria Droste Counseling Center to continue to support critical mental health and substance use disorder services.
Thanks to a  $25,000 emergency fund grant from Next50 Initiative, Maria Droste Counseling Center will continue to play a vital role in meeting the unique mental health challenges of older adults today. 
Self-Care paid forward
Did you know, when you seek therapy as a full-fee client from a member of The Therapist Group at Maria Droste Counseling Center , you are supporting up to 24 sessions of counseling access to those who otherwise couldn't afford it.      
Spread your Stimulus
Are you fortunate enough not to depend on your stimulus check to make ends meet? Please consider making a gift to Maria Droste Counseling Center and " Spread the Stimulus ."

A gift of $250 provides a four-hour critical training for 24 masters and doctoral level clinicians.

Spreading the Stimulus will ensure our clients continue to receive the care they need.

Thanks for starting the spread of something good!
Because of the enthusiastic response to our $5,000 match, The Board of Directors encourages our community to continue the momentum by raising the match amount to $10,000 !

Help us turn $10,000 into $20,000! We are halfway there!
Mental Health Access is Essential for Essential Workers

First responders and front-line providers care for our community in life-threatening situations. The emotional stress of this great responsibility often follows first responders’ home and impacts the mental health of our providers and civil servants .

Binta Cross, LCSW and Lorraine Lipson, LPC are committing to help our Colorado heroes with three free sessions to any essential workers (including food service workers) who request counseling services.
Tiernen Archibald, LCSW  talks about  how to respond when children ask "why" so much - and explains  why  they ask why so much.
Post-Graduate Fellow Brooke Green explains how  MDCC supports clients and clinicians through telehealth.
Ways to get involved:
Are you looking for volunteer opportunities? Consider joining our  Young Professionals Board  or our  Marketing and Communications Committee !
Access Help Now
Are you feeling anxious? Consider seeking out counseling & telehealth counseling services by calling Maria Droste Counseling Center's Access Office at
303-867-4600 or emailing Intake@MariaDroste.org .