Dear Bengal Parent or Friend,

The end of the spring semester is a busy time for Student Affairs staff. You might think that our programs and services are beginning to wind down as students prepare to depart, but in most cases it is just the opposite. Many students use this time to work with the Career Center to find summer jobs and internships while others are already focused on those pursuits for the fall. Counseling and Testing is busy helping students manage end of the year stresses and expectations. The Office of the Registrar is steadily enrolling current and incoming students for the summer and fall semesters.

Although this time of year proceeds at a hectic pace, it is one of my favorites. It provides the perfect opportunity for students to display their growth and success. One place where this opportunity is on full display is within the Student Global Leadership Program (SGLP). The SGLP is focused on student leadership development through a series of seminars exploring leadership theories, concepts, values and styles. After the completion of the program this spring students will put their newly developed skills to the test in a global environment by participating in a ten day trip to Greece and Italy with a leadership focus.

Regardless of the time of year Student Affairs is always focused on supporting student success. We are dedicated to the idea that learning continues, is enhanced and is made meaningful beyond the threshold of the conventional classroom. The programs and services within Student Affairs are designed to link your student’s academic pursuits to skills, lessons, opportunities, and career paths.


Lyn Redington
Vice President for Student Affairs
Spring Fever
Spring fever is rampant! With just a few short weeks to go before summer vacation, your Bengal college student may be finding it hard to focus on studies. It is also normal for them to start to feel overwhelmed with class projects, final exams, and worries about summer jobs or internships.

There’s a lot to get done and sometimes students can start to succumb to the stress. You may often hear that students today don’t have “resilience.” What isn’t often talked about is that resilience is a learned skill. We aren’t born with it. It’s cultivated by facing our challenges and proving to ourselves that we can overcome them. So while you can’t… or at least shouldn’t… solve all the problems for your family member in college, they do still very much need your support.

Here are some quick tips to help them finish the semester successfully and strengthen those resilience muscles:
  1. Listen and empathize with them.
  2. Encourage them to structure time for studying.
  3. Encourage them to break big tasks into smaller ones to build a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Take short rest breaks from studying! Make the breaks physical (walking/stretching/yoga)…don’t spend the break looking at phone or computer screens. Those eyes need to rest.
  5. Tell them you know they can accomplish great things.

If your student needs additional help and support Counseling and Testing is a great resource to contact.
Summer Break
Although you may be excited to welcome your student back home for the summer, you may soon realize they are NOT the student you said goodbye to last August.

You may want to have conversations with your student about how to  use the summer months wisely . This will also be a transition for you, here are some tips to help make the transition easier .
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