April 1, 2024

Stakeholder feedback to be shared with Board of Education this week

Over the past several weeks, the Board of Education and district leaders have collected stakeholder feedback regarding a potential referendum question on the November 2024 election ballot. The feedback specifically pertains to 10 potential projects and three potential funding levels. It was collected through a variety of methods:

  • Referendum Advisory Committee Meeting #1
  • Three in-person Community Engagement Meetings
  • One virtual Community Engagement Meeting (Click here to view recording)
  • Community Phone Survey
  • Digital Feedback Survey

The results will be shared with the Board at its April 2 meeting. The data will provide the Board and district leaders with a strong understanding of where the community stands on the potential projects and funding levels. Based on the data, district leaders will refine the list of projects and funding levels. In late April/May, there will be an additional round of feedback from the community, and the Referendum Advisory Committee on that refined list. The Referendum Advisory Committee will meet on May 20 to review the feedback to present a recommendation to the Board in June. Click here to learn more.

The Build 220 Journey: 2020-2024

Last month marked exactly four years since the Barrington area community came together to support a $147 million school district referendum. Four years later, all of the major projects from the district’s “Build 220” initiative have been completed on time and within budget, 15 ribbon cutting ceremonies have been held, and the new educational spaces are providing learning opportunities that will better prepare students for life beyond Barrington High School. Click here to view a photo gallery and learn more about some of the completed spaces.

As part of Barrington 220's 50th anniversary celebration this school year, the district is hosting a Secondary Fine Arts Historical Celebration at Barrington's White House on Wednesday, April 10 at 5pm. The event will feature historical artifacts showcasing how the arts in Barrington schools have a long tradition of excellence and community outreach. The event will also feature musical performances, art displays, and a panel discussion of present and past influencers in the arts. Click here to register.

Dashboard tracks progress made on Framework 220 strategic plan

Barrington 220's strategic plan, Framework 220, consists of six strategic priorities that were developed through a community engagement process over the past few years. Within each priority, there are measurable objectives. This school year, district leaders have focused on nine of those objectives. To track the progress made under each objective, check out the Framework 220 dashboard.

TICKETS: Spring Orchesis Concert at BHS

The BHS Orchesis Dance Company invites you to its spring concert, Revival Part 2, playing April 12-14 at BHS. Admission is free for senior citizens. Click here to purchase tickets to this event, as well as other Barrington 220 fine arts events happening this month!

Parenting Today’s Tweens & Teens in a Complex World

Today’s youth are experiencing an unprecedented set of stressors in our rapidly changing world. From academic and social pressures to the influence of social media and technology, our kids are growing up in a world that is very different than that of their parents and other caring adults. Join BStrong Together to welcome Chicago-based clinical psychologist, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and national media expert Dr. John Duffy to learn more about the overwhelming circumstances today's tweens and teens are facing. The event will be held at on Tuesday, April 9 at 7pm at the Barrington Area Library. Click here to register.

Safety Town registration opens April 4

The Barrington Junior Women's Club invites children entering kindergarten or 1st grade to register for Safety Town 2024! Safety Town is a week-long educational summer program, which teaches participants vital safety lessons through activities and demonstrations. An outdoor miniature town gives children a hands-on experience using safety skills while riding trikes and acting as pedestrians. Registration opens April 4. Click here to learn more.

STEAM Fair for all ages at Harper College

The Barrington Council for the Gifted and Talented (BCGT) is excited to partner with Microsoft, Quest for Excellence, Harper College and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) experts to offer a one-of-a-kind STEAM Fair for students of all ages and their families. The event includes hands-on interactive activities, connecting with leaders in the industry, and discovering connections to computer science that impact all areas of life. The event will be held on Saturday, April 27 from 9am-3pm at Harper College. Click here to learn more.

Volunteer Connection at BALibrary

In collaboration with the Barrington Area Volunteer Connection, the Barrington Area Library is hosting an event for community members to learn about volunteer opportunities and local resources in the Barrington area. The Volunteer Connection LIVE event will be held on Saturday, April 13 from 1pm-4pm at the Barrington Area Library. Click here to learn more.

You're Invited: BACC Town Hall Forum

The Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce invites you to a town hall forum to hear updates from many local taxing bodies. Invited speakers include representatives from Barrington 220, Barrington Area Library, Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District, Barrington Hills Park District, Barrington Park District, Barrington Township, Cuba Township, Harper College, and South Barrington Park District. The event will be held on Wednesday, April 17 from 9am to 10:30am at the Barrington Park District. Click here to register.

Spring has sprung inside the BHS greenhouse! Just before spring break, horticulture students planted native herbaceous plants with trustees from the Barrington Area Conservation Trust. They will transport the plants to Pederson Preserve on Earth Day later this month!

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