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April 2014

 Myself, Dr. Kris Sheppard and my wife Janie MacDonald are exciting to be sending out our first newsletter and even more excited that the mission and vision we have been working on for the past couple years has finally come to life.  We couldn't be more thankful for your support, business and advice as we move forward with our new company.  We look forward to seeing you all running well, healthy and fit!  Please stay posted for our official Grand Opening date!


The Runner's Academy
It's Finally Here!
Have you heard of the Alter-G treadmill?  Well, even if you haven't you can now get a live demo or experience at The Runner's Academy!  We are excited to be offering this service to our clientele and others in the community that would like to take advantage of this amazing training tool!
Watch these videos for more information: Videos

If you have not used an Alter-G treadmill in the past, we recommend that you purchase our 20min introduction session...$20 + HST

25min use = $25 + HST...10 sessions = $200 + HST
55min use = $40 + HST...10 sessions = $320 + HST

Call us to book your appointment (437)889-5440

**Please bring clean shoes to keep our treadmill sparkly clean!
We have developed a 6 week training package geared towards any level of runner.  As long as you have the desire to become and more efficient, stronger and faster runner, we can give you the tools to do so.
This package includes:
Full Technique Assessment including video analysis and movement screen
One hour a week for 5 weeks of run technique drills, specific strength training and mobility prescription, full review and retesting.
This package can be done one-on-one or in small groups of maximum 4 people.
Pricing: $500 + HST
Purchase before the end of April and receive 20% off!

New Staff
We are pleased to welcome Registered Massage Therapist; Mark Dones and Personal Trainer; Justin Duncan to our team!

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