In accordance with FMCSA MCS-150 regulation 49 CFR Part §390.19, every two years

all motor carriers are required to update their MCS-150 information with the FMCSA. This

update must be completed in the appropriate month, every even or odd year, based on

your DOT#, even if none of your information has changed, and regardless of when you

last updated.

Failure to complete a biennial update in your assigned month may cause deactivation of

your USDOT number and could result in civil penalties of up to $1,000 per day (not to

exceed $10,000).

If your DOT number ends with the number 4, your MCS-150 may need to be updated. If

the number before the 4 is an odd number, you must renew by the end of April this year.

If the 4 is preceded by an even number, you are not due for an update until April of next