Thank you to all who sponsored and joined us for our St. Patrick's day event! It was a festive filled evening featuring appetizers, drinks, great networking and a band!
What I-Day Means to Me
On May 19 th we will celebrate one of my favorite events that the Insurance Club of Pittsburgh hosts, our 93 rd Annual Pittsburgh I-Day. Our Chairperson, Chanelle Bokelberg has a fantastic program lined up. We are honored to have former ICP board member and hilarious Stand-Up Comic, Vinny Fasline as our guest speaker. This year’s theme is Connectarian: a person who builds relationships to maximize social capital in all facets of life. If you think of every type of Insurance coverage that exists, our industry does more than most to touch the various aspects of a person’s life. For example, did you know you can purchase Wedding Insurance? Multiple Birth Insurance? Bed Bug Insurance? That there are mold sniffing dogs?

Pittsburgh I-Day is the second largest Insurance Day in the country and for those who have never attended, it is very inspiring. From the Presidential dinner to the Continuing Education classes, to the Guest Speaker and Cocktail Reception and Prize Give-Aways, there is something exciting for everyone. Attendees can network with almost a thousand Insurance Professionals involved in every aspect of the Insurance Industry: from Carriers to Agencies, Personal Lines to Commercial Lines and Risk Managers to Disaster Recovery Companies.

Organizations like the Insurance Club of Pittsburgh are rare and becoming rarer. As the demographics of the industry change and time becomes a more precious asset, social clubs can often feel like a relic of a bygone time. Fortunately, the Insurance Club of Pittsburgh has thrived and met these challenges head on and as a compliment to that, Pittsburgh I-Day has also evolved over the last 93 years. Our members wanted information on current events and how it relates to our industry, so we introduced Panel Discussions to do that. Our members wanted a place to recharge, make calls and have quiet conversations so we added the Networking Lounge. This year, to offer more ways to “connect”, we have also added a Wine Down wine tasting which will highlight wines from around the world.

I believe the success of our industry is based on relationships and I-Day is a perfect opportunity to see just how deep those relationships go. For me, I-Day is very personal. I met the man who would become my husband at my very first I-Day and many of my truly close and meaningful relationships have come from the people I’ve met there. From customers and colleagues to family and friends, our industry, our organization and I-Day would not exist if it weren’t for those relationships. The technological advancements of our society have made it extremely easy for us to communicate through text messages and emails, but I believe it's the face to face connections that truly strengthen our relationships. Although social clubs like the Insurance Club of Pittsburgh exist elsewhere, the fact that ours is celebrating 93 years says a lot about it and the people who are involved in it. We have had our fair share of challenges, but like all good relationships, through communication and patience, we have overcome those challenges and are stronger because of it.

Your presence at I-Day shows that you are dedicated to the industry and the people within it. I am very proud to be a part of this organization and I hope others find the same success that I have, and I hope to see you at our 93 rd Annual I-Day!

Written By: Jodi Keller
Past President

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I Day Registration Still Open!
We are pleased to share with you that Registration is now OPEN for the 93rd Pittsburgh I-Day! This year’s theme is challenging us to embrace the Connectarian in us. We have record breaking attendance each year with over 900 attendees in 2018. Sign-up today to reserve your spot to advertise, sponsor, or exhibit.

- Chanelle Bokelberg
I- Day Chairperson, 2019

When registering for IDAY 2019 make sure to purchase tickets for the
Wine Down Suite (tickets must be purchased in advance)
Being held from 2-4pm. Limited space available! Tickets are selling fast!
Upcoming Events
Spring CE Class ... May 1st 2019
Highmark Walk for Healthy Community... May 11th 2019
President's Dinner ... May15th 2019
I Day ... May 16th 2019
New Members!
Help us in welcoming our newest members to the Insurance Club of Pittsburgh:

Keith Charles - Second Opinion Insurance Agency
Paul Custer - Pion, Nerone, Girman, Winslow & Smith, P.C.
Matthew Hambrecht - Hull and Company
Danielle Kozletsky - Tuscano Insurance
Ashley Lopez - UPMC
Lori Marvin - Barr's Insurance
Kristen Panyko - Burns & Wilcox
Andrew Polovich - RPS
Tashan Rankin - State Farm
Matthew Schamble - RPS
Jessica Sikora - Burns& Wilcox
Tina Trocano - Liberty Mutual

We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events!
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