Volume 16 | April 2021
Bartender Print Station, Ring Scanners, Hiring at EMP and So Much More!
Spring has finally sprung! We have been busy tackling new projects, creating helpful videos (YouTube Channel Below), hiring to meet our growing needs, and continuing to serve our customers every single day. We are here to help so please contact us with any questions!
How We Hire at EMP
The best thing about the EMP Tech Group is our people. All of us here have one thing in common, a selfless desire to serve our customers. Our job interview process focuses on weeding out candidates who might have selfish tendencies. We need team players who will focus on serving and get along with others. One of the ways we accomplish this is to have the candidate that we are seriously considering take a day off from their current job and spend a day with us shadowing for the new job.
Want to learn more about how we find the best candidates? Read below!
Helping You Keep Up with Android
The Android update that we received noted that Android 10 has 50 new security and privacy features. How do you keep up with all of those? And how important is it to keep up with the latest OS versions in your rugged, mobile computer fleet? Check out the article below to find out more!
Passive RFID for Returnable Containers
One of the first major RFID projects that we did was around 15 years ago. That project was for encoding the RFID tags in the handles of roll-around trash totes, at the time of manufacturing. That project was our first clue that tracking returnable containers was going to be a good application for our customers and had good ROI. From bread trays to automotive packaging to flower racks, returnable containers are expensive and have tremendous shrink, costing their users a great deal of money every year for replacements. Click on the article below to learn about our most recent RFID application!
When to Use Bartender Print Station
Did you know you can run BarTender Print Station to print labels instead of running the full version of BarTender? Print Station allows you to control which label formats the user has access to, and restricts them from making any changes to the format. Click the link to the video below to watch and learn more.
Ring Scanners, Not Just for Wearable Computers
If you go to Zebra’s website looking for their ring scanners, you might have a hard time finding them. Honeywell puts them in their barcode scanner category, but Zebra keeps them with their wearable mobile computers on their website. It is true that the original ring scanners that came out about a decade ago, had a cord that connected to the side of the wearable terminal. But the use case for the Bluetooth version of these wearable scanners goes way beyond their use with wearable mobile computers. Click below to learn more!

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