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  • Seasonal Ideas and Information for April
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  • Upcoming May Event:  Plumeria Seminar
Pallet Gardening Class
Saturday, April 29th
10:30am - 12:30pm
no registration required
Learn to build your own garden out of an old recycled pallet!  With just a few tools and a little bit of inspiration, Kate from Lady Bug Natural Brand will teach you how to pick the perfect pallet and turn it into a trendy raised bed, vertical garden , or planter box of your dreams. FREE CLASS!  FREE PALLETS TO TAKE WITH YOU AFTER CLASS!

Seasonal Ideas & Information for April

The following are a list of activities to consider for your April gardening:

We are so pleased that more and more customers are adding these beneficials to their garden. Ladybugs will take care of that aphid problem you have on your milkweed and other plants.

Praying Mantis:  each egg case (2) will release 50 to 200 baby mantids 

The Ladybugs are ready for release!

Red Worms fertilize your soil and consume waste products...the perfect solution for composting & aeration.

Nematodes - these microscopic worms seek out and destroy over 200 soil dwelling insects - ants, grubs, fleas, ticks, cutworms,web worms, and more.
  • Vegetables & Herbs - Largest Variety On The Island!  If you are buying your vegetable and herb plants from us, then you know that you are getting the very best! Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening  by J. Howard Garrett and C. Malcolm Beck.  is a guide to growing edible plants the natural way.  You will find this for sale on our book nook.
    Black Cherry Heirloom
    Scorpian Pepper
    Poblano Pepper
    Hatch Pepper
  • CARNIVOROUS PITCHER PLANT                                      
Galveston County Master Gardeners Educational Programs:                      
  follow this link   2017 Gulf Coast Gardening for April  


From Our 
Landscape Architect:

"Using Stone in Your Landscape"
by Janielle Guzinski
We all love the look and feel of natural stone in our landscapes.  It is commonly used for patios/walkways or waterfalls, but there are other ways to incorporate boulders or other stepping stones in your space. 
Consider small stepping stones

We don't always need a solid walkway, sometimes stepping stones to get you across a planting bed is all you need.  Rules only exist if you want them to; stepping stones don't have to follow the entire path.  Maybe it would be best for your yard to have stepping stones that break up into the lawn just to give you an entrance.  They also don't have to go from one location to another.  There is no reason why stepping stones can't give you a path in a landscaped bed that leads just to a shady spot or a favorite plant. 

Loose boulders add interest

Loose rock formations within your landscape can add focal points and break up the expanse of plants, mulch, and flowers.  Rocks can be placed in the garden in a multitude of ways.  Usually people find odd numbers more attractive and like to have a taller or focal stone often set to one side of center.  There is a type of Japanese rock formation with one taller stone surrounded by smaller stones on one side that is supposed to represent a teacher and students.  It would look lovely with Esperanza behind it and muhly grass on the side in a very Galveston interpretation of a classic formation.
Cairns or stacked formations

The cairn is a traditional formation for rocks where they are stacked against and on top of each other.  They were often used on trails for markers and also for remembrance.  Galveston winds make cairns more difficult, but you can still have clusters of rocks stacked against each other.  Size and location are what matter in Galveston, you want your rock cluster to be sheltered from heavy wind if you are placing rocks on top of each other.  And maybe consider a smaller cairn made of larger rocks that are not smooth to roll away. 
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