Meet Marie Quick of Lower Valley Care Advocates
If you want an idea of how air traffic controllers work, observe Marie Quick at work.

Marie is the Schedule Coordinator for Lower Valley Care Advocates. Marie does an expert job of  marrying our clientsneeds with an entire fleetof aides who provide the care for those clients and she makes it look easy.

Each clientsneeds are unique and range from a simple shopping trip to round the clock care for people needing a greater range of services like personal care or a shower.

LVCA caregivers are as unique as our clients, too. Each caregiver has a unique personality, background and skillset to bring to the job.  Marie strives to match both client and caregiver in all areas and seems to hold an innate gift for this ability. LVCA recently received an email from a wheel-chair bound client who was giving us feedback on a new caregiver Marie had sent. Heres an excerpt from that email:  She was fantastic. She picked up on everything right away and whats most important to me, my transfers were incredibly easy.

If you live in the Blackpoint area of East Lyme and are awake before the sun comes up, you might find Marie out for her morning run, which she claims as her sanity time.She also enjoys camping with her family during warmer weather.