April, 2016
Join us April 30th as we celebrate Northeast Ohio's diversity!
President's Message
Dear Friends,

Spring is here and the annual Walk, Rock, & Run is just around the corner! Consider joining us as we celebrate the diversity that exists in Northeast Ohio. We have a lot of exciting events coming up this spring and summer and we welcome your participation and support!

Peggy Zone Fisher
President & CEO 
The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio

Staff Contact

President & CEO

Lorraine Pennick
Executive Assistant to President & CEO

Kim Koch
Chief Operating Officer and Finance Director

Jessica Daigler
Director, Lead Diversity

Ruth Polomsky
Manager, Marketing and Development

Jasmine King 
Director of School and Youth Programs

Program and Marketing Coordinator

Director, Organizational and Leadership Development

Program Specialist, School &Youth

Curriculum & Outreach Specialist

Grant Funding Available
The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio is dedicated to bringing our programs to as many students as we can. Your school may qualify for a partial grant which could help defray costs for bringing a program to your school.

Please contact Kathryn Brown for information about school grants.

Schools can also consider fundraising for our Walk, Rock, and Run. Any amount a school raises will be credited back to that school to defray the cost of programming. 

In order to have fundraising money credited toward programming educators must contact Ruth Polomsky for information about how to register your school before you begin fundraising for the Walk, Rock and Run.

Save the Date
April 30, 2016 

Walk, Rock & Run 
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Click here to learn more or to register!

Walk, Rock & Run!
April 30th will be The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio's annual Walk, Rock, & Run! With the help of our partner sponsor  Medical Mutual of Ohio, we are pleased to present the Walk, Rock, & Run for our 14th year!

Walk, Rock and Run is a family friendly community event consisting of a 5K run ($25) and 3 mile walk (donations appreciated) accompanied by free food, entertainment, health screenings and more! 

All registered participants gain FREE access to
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The Great Lakes Science Center
The USS COD Submarine Memorial

The Diversity Center relies on donations from individuals and philanthropic partners to provide our School & Youth Programming throughout Northeast Ohio. Walk, Rock & Run is a free public event, however, we do hope that you will consider making a donation to help us continue to create communities where all people are connected, respected, and valued. 

For more information about Walk, Rock & Run or to register visit  www.diversitycenterneo.org.

We also need volunteers to help run the day successfully. If you or your organization would like to assist in some way, please contact

School and Youth Programs
Middle and High School Conference

Thank you to all the schools that participated in the Middle and High School Conference at John Carroll University. The March 4th event was the largest conference in recent history, which included  20 schools from across the region and over 200 participating students.  The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio had to rearrange rooms and increase the lunch orders to accommodate the large numbers of students. We loved having this "problem"!

Students were inspired by Anthony Price, a recent award winner for the Princeton Prize in Race Relations.  The remainder of the day our participants debated, discussed, and learned how to became better leaders and advocates for justice and inclusion. Students and their educators left the event with lots of ideas and plans on how to improve their school communities. 

One educator explained the impact of the day on her students as, "Energizing and Challenging." She valued the day since "It provided the students time to consider issues we typically don't cover in a normal class period." 

Consider planning for next year's spring conference, where we will be dividing up the Middle School and High School into two separate days!
Camp STARR, Students Talking About Race Relations

Camp STARR, a camp dedicated to understanding race relations in the United States, will be held on the campus of Oberlin College from June 21st-24th. This year we are expanding the experience and traveling to Detroit, Michigan to visit some of the museums the city has to offer and reflect on the North's role in history of African Americans. Students will return to Oberlin for an intensive series of discussions and activities relating to their personal experiences. This year is certain to be an exciting and thought provoking camp that will help our participants become leaders in their own communities.

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.

The cost is $100 for each student, and applications will be available online at our website, www.diversitycenterneo.org. Please note that we have limited room and spots are filled on a rolling basis. Participants and a parent/caretaker must attend an informational meeting either June 15th or 18th at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Further inquiries about the program or how to sponsor a student can be directed to Cierra Edwards or Kathryn Brown.
Professional Services
Customized Facilitation Comes to the Workplace 
The Diversity Center recognizes that the unique structure
and needs of organizations can differ. For this reason,
we consult with your organization to evaluate and address
your specific needs.

Workshops offered include but are not limited to:

* Understanding Unconscious Bias
* Intercultural Communication
* Cultural Competence and Diversity
* Diversity Leadership
* A Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion
* Building a More Inclusive Organization
* Micro Messages
* Compassion Fatigue & Intercultural Empathy
* LGBTQ Cultural Competence
* Educator Programs

* Diversity Dimensions Spotlight Series

o Race & Ethnicity
o Generational Differences
o Gender Differences
o Socio-Economic Status
o Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender

If you are interested in learning more about what The Diversity Center can do for your organization, please contact Amanda Cooper.
The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio
3659 Green Road, Suite 220
Cleveland, Ohio 44122


Creating communities where all people are connected, respected, and valued.