SOWER Ministry Newsletter April 2019
Ah, Sweet April. 
Spring has officially arrived (although if you are in the Midwest you might not believe it!) and the roadsides and gardens are starting to come alive! From the crocus poking up through the snow to the blue bonnets that line the roads in Texas to the desert in bloom in the West, there is renewal in the air! Everywhere we look there is new life bursting out - a constant and true reminder of the New Life we have in Christ. As believers, we celebrate our Lord's Resurrection and his perfect gift of Life each and every day. But this month we share in a time of special reflection - Resurrection Sunday. My prayer is that you will indeed be renewed as you embrace the wonder of the Resurrection!  

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!!

May He get all the Praise and Glory!
Stephanie Conrad #2509
2019 Trustee Nominees
Resumes and Ballot will be in the June/July Sowergram
John Barber #3365
Bill Myers #3190
Carol Nering #3100
Jeff Peace #3262
Cheri Smith #2634
Spreading the SOWER Word
at the Arizona Escapade
This year was the best yet as far as visiting with new RVers who are interested in doing something besides just traveling around in retirement years!

We were excited to see that about 3/4 of the over 1,000 rigs at this year's Escapade in Tucson were there for the first time! Many we talked to were nearing retirement or just retired and already on the road. For those who don't know, Escapees is an RV club devoted to educating people on the RVing lifestyle. Because SOWERS is a BOF (bird of a feather) within the Escapee organization, we are privileged to have an information table set up on the ROW at every Escapade AT NO COST. We have also been given the privilege of doing a seminar during the Escapade, which is an hour set aside in their program book so people who are interested in learning more about SOWERS can come. We usually show the video which is on the website (badly outdated, I must say!), give a little of our testimony and experience in SOWERS, and leave most of the time open for questions. We have usually had 35-40 in attendance at our seminars. This year, there were many more questions asked than in past years. Good, common sense questions; the younger generation of couples beginning this great lifestyle DO want to know how they can serve and enjoy traveling at the same time! It was wonderful to have Wayne & Gail Fieler help us this year at the seminar and at the table. Hopefully, others who serve on the Board will consider helping whoever has the table at Escapade, or doing it themselves, in the future. Carl & Sue Williams and Phil & Linda Pelc also came one day and "manned" the table and saw what an awesome opportunity this is to get the word out about our organization! Thanks again to them.

The next Escapade is in Rock Springs, WY June 21-26, 2020. Please pray about being a part of this wonderful opportunity to tell others about SOWERS!

Dale & Cheryl Curtis, #3253
Central TX Area Reps.
Rallies Ready and Open for Sign-ups!
Whether you're an Alumni, a Seasoned SOWER or New to the Family, there's nothing like a SOWER gathering to connect with friends old and new and get recharged about the ministry. If you live in close proximity to a SOWER project, let them know you're nearby! There are often impromptu gatherings of SOWERS happening all around the country all year long! Whether you're camping together or just meeting for a meal at a local restaurant, a SOWER Gathering is always a blessing!  
Conference Center
September 16th- 19th .

Registration: $85.00 
Cabin rate: $25.00
RV Campsite: N/C

The registration fee includes 10 meals @ $6.00 each. We have eight (8) cabins reserved, so if you want a cabin please advise us ASAP. If additional ones are needed, we will try to obtain them, but no guarantee!

Please contact Emory Rockafellow by email or call 810-869-0826 for more information, to volunteer, or with additional questions. We are looking forward to seeing YOU at Michindoh!!

Minnesota Rally

Lake Beauty Camp (MN-523)
Long Prairie, MN
September 16th - 19th

RV Sites - $27.00/night
Loon Lodge - $54.00/night
Third night (18th) free
if staying for work day (19th).

Join us for a time of fellowship and an opportunity to meet SOWER President Gary Conrad

Contact Bill Cairns (320-295-3031 (T))for more information or to register!
The Texas Round-up Wrap-up
The 2019 Texas Round-up, held at Alert Academy, was a resounding success! 75 SOWERS were treated to worship led by John & Connie Nicholas ( Salty Strings), devotionals led by Bill Myers along with staff from Alert, and inspiring talks given by Lew Sterrett and his team from Sermon on the Mount Ministries. All that was in addition to the SOWER Auction, a wonderful pot-luck, a beautiful banquet prepared and served by ALERT, and a fun talent night! There was sweet fellowship all around! Many thanks to Dwayne and Margaret Gearhart and their incredible team - it was an outstanding time. From couples that had been SOWERS for over 29 years to couples who were anticipating their first project - a wonderful time was had by all!
Dry Creek Camp
Greetings from Dry Creek
from Todd Burnaman, Director

I would just like to take a moment to share with all of our SOWER friends that Dry Creek Baptist Camp in southwest Louisiana is adding more SOWER Projects to our calendar. Exciting things are happening at Dry Creek and we are planning lots of new improvements to the camp in the next few years. Currently we are working hard to update all of existing facilities to prepare to focus much of our attention to new constructions. 

In order to accomplish this we have opened up to four months of projects for the years 2019 and 2020. We are requesting projects in October and November of 2019. Also, we have requests SOWER partners for March, April, October and November of 2020. 

So, if your travel schedule includes making a pass through our neck of the woods in the spring or fall of the next few years…come be a part of the Dry Creek Family and be a part of a great ministry making an impact for Christ. 

Seen recently on Facebook
Thanks for sharing how things are going with the renovations at the SOWER Office in Lindale, Bill. The team at the office this month is doing a great job!
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Thank you so much, SOWER friends, for your prayers, cards, phone calls and donations to Sierra Leone for water wells in Africa in honor of Jerry McGhee's passing on to his forever home. I wish I could thank you all in person but this is the next best way. He so loved SOWERS and enjoyed working for God as you do. God bless you all.

Ernestine McGhee #2554
Update from the Office
Last Monday morning, April 8 th , about 1:00 AM, the SOWER office and the SOWERS working there this month experienced a major lightning strike. The main strike was to the RV of Glenn and Jackie Eipers (3412), which blew a 2 ft hole in the ceiling above their bed. It traveled through their RV, destroying its electrical systems and the RV electrical pedestal. It also damaged the main electrical disconnect panel to all the RV sites and the electrical controller to the well.
Although Glenn and Jackie sustained some injuries, they are alive and praising the Lord for His protection. Their RV is being evaluated by insurance but is probably damaged beyond repair. In the meantime, God's provided them, through a generous community member, a place to live in the Bass Christian community while determining their next course of action. This Christian community has demonstrated God's love in stepping up to provide for their needs. Continue to pray for them as they face this trial set before them.
The other SOWERs working at the office this month, Dick and Toni Howard (2527), Shannon and Susan Moses (3414), and Bill and Karen Myers (3190), also sustained some damage to their RV’s, which consisted of electrical circuit boards being destroyed to various RV equipment. Most of these issues have been corrected by a local Christian RV repairman. Ray and Alean Arthur also had some equipment damage in their home across the street.
The SOWER office also took a lightning strike that destroyed the main copier/printer, all modems, WiFi, the battery backups (UPS's), one computer, all the EXIT lights, and one of the power circuits. Ray and Alean are in the process of replacing some of this equipment but the copier/printer has to be ordered and it will awhile before it can be replaced. In the midst of this the scheduled April SOWER project team was busy remodeling the office. So we ask all SOWER's for patience if the office does not get back to you right away while they work to get back up to speed. As a side note, the remodeling is proceeding and is on schedule.
Bill Myers (3190)
This month's group shot is of March's SOWER couples at Ironwood Christian Camp (CA-464) in Newberry Springs, CA. L-R are Roy and Lola Olson (2964), Dennis & Barbara Harrell (3338), John & Stephanie Hulse (3204), Keith & Linda McNeely (3393), Ulah and Cheri Smith (2634).

Header Photo - RV Parking at Prescott Pines Christian Camp (AZ-124) submitted by Joyce Brooks (3372)
Scripture Photo - Sunset at ALERT Academy, photo taken by Peggy Matheny (3407)
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Dear Sam and Sally...
Dear Sam & Sally,
While I love how our cell phones help keep us better connected, sometimes they seem to take over our lives! Often when I’m on a project it seems that lots of folks are always taking calls or checking their phones. Does SOWERS have any official cell phone policy?
Connected but concerned

Dear Connected,
Thanks for this question. Who’d have ever thought that most of us would be walking around with mini (but powerful!) computers in our pockets! It is a wonderful thing to be able to stay connected with our families, whether it’s watching a grandbaby’s first step or staying in touch with an aging parent. But all that instant connectivity can also be a huge distraction while we are working. Although SOWERS does not have an official ‘Cell Phone Policy’, general cell phone etiquette would apply. Phones should be silenced during devotions and calls limited to break time or non-working hours unless it’s an emergency. Even text messages should be held to a minimum.  We all love the convenience of our cell phones, but we should strive to never let our use of them deter us from doing our best for the Kingdom! (Remember when we had to actually be Home to get a call? My, how times have changed!)

Sam and Sally

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