GrassRoots Meats Newsletter
April 2021
Happy Easter
We celebrated the Christian Passover with our son, Dusty, our daughter, Lisa, and their respective families this past Saturday evening. It is always such a blessing to me. I love reminding, and being reminded, of our heritage as Christians, and the freedom from slavery and from sin that Christ secured for us. We hope you are blessed this Easter and are surrounded by friends and family that you cherish.
New Calf
Had our first calf of the season! Occasionally there is a bull that slips in unexpectedly before breeding time and that is the case here. We try to calve our animals in late May, the way nature does. Lots of ranchers calve in February and March, but the weather is generally pretty nasty and very unpredictable then, so we prefer to wait. Elk and deer calve in late spring, and we figure there is a darn good reason for that, so why fight the elements. The cows are also in better shape once the warm weather gets the grass going again, so they are in better shape to calve as well. Has worked well for us. So lots more pictures of calves coming soon.
View From Silverton
We met up with our son, Dusty, and his wife, Clara, in Silverton to pick up our two granddaughters (both 9) so they could spend their spring break with us. They live in Grand Junction, and Silverton is about halfway. What a beautiful place it is! I find the mountain passes on both sides to be pretty treacherous, but getting the girls made it all worth it. They stayed for a week and it was such a pleasure to have them.
Riding Horses
Lots of horseback riding lately. We took the girls riding a couple of times while they were here, and Kyler (18) and Teeg (7), our grandsons, came down another day to ride.
Bella loves the horses and is all over the grooming.
Grandpa is showing Bella the ins and outs. Check out the old barn in the background. We are on one of our leases by Navajo Lake.
Grandpa giving a leg up.
And she is off. A natural.
Charlee needs her confidence built up. Allan has taught so many to ride, including myself, our kids, and all of our grandkids. What a legacy!
Charlee is ready to go it alone. She made amazing strides in just a few days, and in the end did not want to get off the horse.
The brothers. Such a joy to watch them grow together.
Kyler is riding with his "boot" on, after suffering a torn Achilles tendon recently.
Teeg is quite confident in the saddle.
Charlee makes the best of things when she is not riding.
It was a family affair on Saturday. Dusty, Charlee, Clara, and Bella.
Greenhouse Ready to Go
Allan had some helpers get my greenhouse ready to go this year, and what a blessing that was! Some of the lifting and heavy chores are hard on my back, often requiring a few days of recovery afterwards. This year all I had to do was plant it - which I did this week. So exciting to anticipate all the new growth, with the promise of fruits and vegetables to come. More pictures in the future as things sprout and grow!!
40 Pounds
Ground Beef
In Closing . . .
So many beautiful sunsets from the ranch. As I have said so many times in the past, if it weren't for Allan they would come and go without my ever noticing them. He is so faithful to find me and draw my attention to God's incredible handiwork.

He is recovering nicely from his heart attack, but is ever aware that he does not have the strength or stamina that he once had. He begins cardiac rehab next week and is hoping that helps him get to a better place. In the meantime, work goes on and he does his best. He loves this work so much and can't imagine his life without it. We have some help right now, which is so good.

The latest project is seeding the pastures with a variety of grasses and legumes. With the increase in moisture this spring we are hoping to get a better germination rate and better results this year. Always a learning curve.

Thank you again for all your prayers, and for your continued support of our business.

Lois & Allan
Allan and Lois Higgins
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Allan – 970-749-7670 (Production)