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       April showers bring May flowers, that's what they say right? Cross your fingers and truly believe that with rising temperatures this week that we have seen the last of Old Man Winter. The Warming trend is here to stay and spring projects are underway!


Spring Projects


Snow is clearing, and the rising temps of Spring are getting the "to-do" lists active and underway once again.




A post light is one of the most common and simple projects that homeowners are excited to accomplish. Many of which can be wired to a timer / sensor or simple switch, whatever you prefer. Put your tax rebate to work, and make an investment in your home today!




If not a post light, maybe outdoor lighting, landscape   accents, or a new patio or porch project is on the horizon? Lets take a look at your ideas and implement them into your dream!



After digging out from this winter you may notice that you have some repair work, troubleshooting, or in need of some evaluation to replace some existing electrical concern on the property! 




Clocks, Batteries & Filters


By this point I'm sure you have already changed your clocks for daylight savings, but did you consider changing the batteries in your clock to ensure accurate time keeping? Did you adjust any automatic timers to reflect the new time? 


It is also a good time to test all of your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors for proper operation, check the batteries while your there as well! You know that emergency backup flashlight you have stored away, does it still work, do you need to change the batteries in that as well?


Have you ever thought about all of the filters located in your home? Here is a short list of filters that may prohibit the operation or efficiency.


Water Filtration Filters

Whole House, Sink Location, Refrigerator Install 


HVAC Air Filters  

Water Irrigation Filters 


Our Friends


Got through the winter and didn't lose power? Concerned every time a storm rolled in you may need to evacuate or need backup power solutions?


Call our friends at New England Generator for all of your backup power solutions!





John Silipigno

Marketing Director

Matthews Electric