First Presbyterian Church of Rome
April 2020

Celebrate the Resurrection!

Though we will not be able to gather as we normally would, we invite you to still join us online to Celebrate the Resurrection.
Maundy Thursday service will be live streamed from the Sanctuary to our Facebook account Thursday, April 9th at 7pm, with Easter Service at 10:30am on Sunday, April 12.
Please visit where you can find access to the live stream account, order of worship and ministry updates.

In weeks where we do not meet for corporate worship, we encourage you to continue making you offering to the Lord. Giving can be done through the mail or electronically through the ShelbyNext Membership App on your mobile device or our home page under the tab GIVE. If you need assistance in connecting to your ShelbyNext Membership App, please contact Tracy Dupree at

Though we do not expect to be able to gather for worship on site this Easter Sunday, we would love for the Sanctuary to still reflect the traditions of Easter, such as being decorated with lilies. So, as is our custom, we invite you to place your order for an Easter Lily to be placed in the Sanctuary on Easter Sunday in honor or in memory of a loved one. You may purchase a lily through your ShelbyNext Membership account or (link on the front page or under "Give"). Choose fund "Easter Lily". Someone from the office will call you to get your loved one's information in memory or honor of. The cost of the lily is $10.00

Ways to Still Connect

As many of you are aware the decision was made to end Wednesday nights for this semester. Ministry leaders have come up with ways to still connect with the church.

- Pastor Jonathan is holding his parenting class through an online video chat each Wednesday night from 6:30-7:30pm. If you are interested please through the link on our home page.

- Children's Ministries has created an Instagram account to connect with our families and children throughout the week.

- Student Ministries is holding online bible studies each week for Jr. & Sr. High students. Please contact a Student Ministry staff leader for more information.

- Women's Ministry will share through their social media accounts insightful thoughts and articles over the next few weeks from the women who were prepared to teach on JOY this spring.

Missions Spotlight: Pray for our Missionaries and Covid-19
EPC World Outreach -  Thank you for remembering our missionaries even as you face your own challenges. Thank you for praying for them as you pray for your own families; thank you for giving to support them, even as you deal with your own financial reverses. Please continue to pray.  Pray for our missionaries' health and stamina, especially for those working with the poor, and providing health care in difficult settings. Pray for World Outreach leaders to be full of grace and truth as we respond to our colleagues' questions and needs. Pray for all of us to be radiant ambassadors of the kingdom of God, sharing the good news that brings life to the dying.  
Please Pray for our Partners - 
- Travis & Stephanie Hill "It was great for us to be able to see the FPC Worship Service over here! We are so thankful for technology during this time because as Kenya is closing it's borders, we are feeling a bit isolated. We are thankful to have the Masts here and some other families that have decided to stay! It is really uncertain times right n ow, but we are anticipating how we can do ministry here in the midst of what is going to be a very difficult time for Kenyans. Thanks for your love and prayers for us!!"
- R & I Their son, after just starting on the field, is on his way home from Central Asia as they have asked the remaining foreigners to leave in case of further emergencies. "He is sad to leave so soon. Sadder is the toll the virus will likely take there as they have few needed hospital ventilators."
- Raphael & Kaylee Sartorato "We are just praying that it ends.  That God takes His mighty hands and sweeps it away - healing it and healing the land." Pray for Raphael as he is working from home with the two babies.  Their project in Nepal that they had been diligently working on has been cancelled.  Pray for discernment over their project in Montana.
- J & B "Pray for the church [we left when we came back to the US] for encouragement and wisdom for them, and continued safety for us.  We are closing on a home [in the US] on April 10th, pray that we are able to use the house for His glory, and continued wisdom with future decisions."
- Azim "Thanks for the encouragement.  We have introduced quarantine, and this is the best for us. In our country, the level of medicine is low, so we better not get sick :) We had more time with the family. I started to get to know my children more :), so there is a quarantine positive."
- Nate & Shanna Mast "It has been such a strange season with students out of school and this whole isolation thing! We're a bit nervous here as they have been reporting some cases in the last week and a half. We're unsure how Kenya will handle all of this. We're so thankful to have the Hills here in this uncertain time. We appreciate the prayers and will for sure be praying for y'all as well! I think our prayer requests would be like the rest of the worlds...that the spread would stop. But then additionally, that there would not be unrest here (desperate people revolting, committing more crimes, etc.) as a result of the strained economy."
- Margaret-Elliotte & Wayne Rebello (Czentnar) M.E. and Wayne have opened their home to a couple with limited resources and questions about their faith.  Pray that they will continue to find meaningful ways to share Christ through their lives, their prayers, and their words.  Wayne has been at home for two weeks due to a cough M.E. had (she is fine).  Pray for him as he goes back to his work as a doctor.  M.E. is counselling clients remotely, working online for SERGE, working on her Masters papers and attending online classes with Derby University
- Stephen Woodworth and Mike Kuhn (ITEN) Travels have been cut short - but they had an encouraging trip (before shut down) in Africa.  Please continue to pray for the ministry of ITEN. 
- McClain, Kirsten (OMF) "My heart just consistently hurts for the unreached people groups of this world. The Church has a huge task ahead, and if I get to work to spread that message, I am blessed!"
- Mac Kenzie Family " Buenos Aires is strangely quiet.  Church services are online only."
- McKays "We are doing well despite the semi-quarantine here in Germany.  I hope to see you in August, trusting that travel will be freed up then. Blessings and His peace prevail." 
- McKelvey Family "We appreciate you all and ask that His presence is an encouragement and strength."
- Shawn Stewart   "Pray that God would do something amazing with the many mobilization events we had to postpone for the next two months... that something more amazing will come about. And pray for God to protect the calling of those who he seeks to send, that they would not be discouraged through the next few months."
- Gregg & Julie Nicholson (Thailand) "Liberty University has made some great accommodations for our daughter, Joy, because this virus could be very dangerous for her with her auto-immune/kidney issues. So we are thankful that she is there."
- Morari (Meldova) "Our family is doing well - recovered from their illnesses of last month.  Like everyone else in Moldova and many parts of the world, we are in quarantine." 
- Wally & Barb Pouncy (Retired) "Living in the jungle for long periods taught us to hunker down and make do with God's provisions."   
- Ben Wilson (Purdue University - International Students) "Right now across the US, there are hundreds of thousands of international students who are isolated with nowhere to go. If they return to their country, they risk not being able to come back again for summer or fall classes. So now, while they are hungry for social interaction, is the perfect time to connect with them and share Christ's love."
- Julian Reese (U of T, InterVarsity Fellowship) "We have been seeking to care for those who are frightened and lonely and uncertain about how life and academia will change."
- Wendi Combes (YoungLives, Rome / Ministry to Teen Moms: "We had justtaken ten teen moms to camp and we had a lot of momentum going with the girls wanting to learn more about Jesus.  So, this quarantine is keeping us from being together and fleshing some of those ideas out.  So truly praying for creative ways to stay connected to them in order to keep those conversations going.  We had a virtual club last night!"
- Kent Howard (Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Rome) "Pray for wisdom, strength, and courage as we continue to advance the Gospel through virtual ministry platforms.  As always, we are thankful for you guys more that you know!"
- Josh Tolman, Luke Hembree, Emily Kaelin, Joel Ledbetter, Hailee Underhill, Derrell Mims @ Campus Outreach (Berry College, Rome) They have all engaged technology to maintain contact with the students. Hailee writes, "I think He really is using this time to help us all slow down and grow closer to Him. For some, it is in trust and dependence that He will provide, for others it is in the way we have gained more time to grow in a closer relationship by  communing with Him more."
- George Nix (Community Church, Rome) They had eleven scheduled Easter Egg Hunts and opportunities to share the Gospel to the underserved in our community. 
Dawn Hayes (Action Ministries - Rome) "We have moved to a drive-thru for the pantry.  We are still doing backpack buddies for the kids."
This list represents just a portion of our FPC partners.  Stay tuned for more!