In preparation for a busy boating season, Port District staff would like to remind boaters of the following rules governing vessel traffic within the harbor channel. 

  • The speed limit within the harbor is 5 MPH.
  • Sailboats may tack across the channel, even if such tacking places the vessel in violation of the "keep-to-the-right" rule.
  • When tacking across the harbor channel onto the side of the channel that places the sailboat in violation of the "keep-to-the-right" rule, sailboats shall yield to oncoming vessels so as not to cause an oncoming vessel to alter speed or course.
  • All vessels crossing the main harbor channel, or leaving a fairway, shall yield to any vessel transiting the main channel.
  • Paddlers must keep to the right at all times, and no more than two abreast. A paddler may choose to cross over to the opposing side of the channel to exit or enter the harbor entrance.
  • Human-powered watercraft is not allowed in the launch ramp area at any time.
  • Please observe the signs! Swimming and prone paddling in the harbor is prohibited.
  • While on the water, please observe these "rules of the road" and have a safe and enjoyable boating season.