“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on its own wings. Always believe in yourself" - Unknown

On Monday afternoon, during our daily community meeting with the women at Saint John’s, a women in the program read this particular quote aloud and elicited cheers of praise from every women in the room. It was truly powerful to witness the sense of camaraderie, love, and support. Our community meetings are held every day here at Saint John’s at 3:30pm sharp. The meeting provides an opportunity for communication, fellowship, and sisterhood. Women share “positives” in their day and encourage and support each other in both challenges and successes. This level of connectedness and belonging is something to behold and helps make Saint John’s work. Women arrive at Saint John’s without a support network. Without encouragement. Without support. The community they build at Saint John’s is strong, beautiful and, with time, strengthened with trust and friendship.

Patricia's Journey

Saint John's Square

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Red Door Reflections
Patricia's Journey
Patricia’s journey to taking charge of her own life began when she made the decision to escape an abusive relationship that had held her captive for 4 years. Leaving Sacramento, her hometown, she found refuge in Missouri living with her dad. However, the emotional toll of the abuse followed her and not being able to hold onto a job, she began drinking to numb the feelings that sought to overtake her. On a whim, she decided to come back to Sacramento, but nothing really changed for her, especially the escalated drinking.

In the spring of 2020 with the pandemic in full swing, she checked herself into Alpha Oaks, a residential recovery program for women, and spent the next 3 ½ months working on her sobriety. It was there she first heard of Saint John’s and decided that maybe this was her next right step. Walking through the Red Doors in August of 2020 was the easy part, learning to embrace the routines and expectations, not so much. Simple things like completing her chores and following a schedule were a challenge. But she persisted and as she attended classes and therapy she began to acknowledge the deeply buried emotions from the abuse she had experienced and the toll her addiction had taken.
With very low self-esteem, Patricia’s goal throughout her first months at Saint John’s was invisibility, flying under the radar. She would do what was expected, but keep a low profile while working her way through the program. All of that changed when she began her work experience at Plates. She shared, “I began to flourish because all of a sudden I was part of something worthwhile, I had something to contribute, a part to play, I was appreciated!” The routine that was at first an annoyance, became the thing she thrived on. Patricia continues, “I was ready to give up, but now my life has so much meaning!”

And what are her dreams for the future? At the top of her list is owning her own home and finding that dream job. She has experience in the medical field as a phlebotomist, but would ideally like to work in a medical office. She recently interviewed for a position at a veterinary hospital and is hopeful of being hired. Throughout this portion of her journey, Patricia is recognizing the good in her life, taking charge of her decisions, and embracing great hope for a new future!
Welcome to Saint John's Square
We are almost there! Saint John’s Square is set to have its grand opening this May!
What helps complete the transition from living “on the streets” to having one’s own home, job and happiness? We know this journey can be successfully accomplished through the combination of security and safety, mental health counseling, life skills and job training, and on-going support as one leaves the confines of our campus. Beyond these immediate walls and just a stone’s throw from our campus, we now have the final piece of this multi-approach puzzle – Saint John’s Square!

How will it work? After completing their application, which shows consistent employment and a small savings account, as well as progress toward individual goals, women nearing the completion of their program will apply to rent each two bedroom home for up to nine months.

With gratitude to the City of Sacramento, HomeAid Sacramento, Project Home Key, and Roebbelen Construction, the majority of the construction expenses for these 11 modular homes has been funded.

However, we are still in need of your donations to help turn these houses into homes... providing furniture, appliances, bedding, kitchenware, and landscaping.

How can you help? Here are just a few ways you can support this final phase.

You can choose to “name” a cottage for $25,000. A bench for $5,000. A picnic table for $2,500. A list of naming opportunities is available HERE.

This will offset so much of the final expense!

Some other options for your consideration:

$700 will provide a gift of a new washers or driers, sleeper sofa or dining set

$300 will provide a gift of a dresser and coffee table

$150 will provide cookware, dishes and silverware

$100 will provide two comforter sets, a new nightstand or a new microwave

$50 will provide coffee pots, bakeware or towel sets

And $25 will help as we provide toasters, shower curtains and rods, and brooms and mops!
We are also in need of funds to build a play structure for the children and to landscape the new community. With those in place, we will truly have a beautiful new community for women and children to enjoy as they continue their journey to independence and success.
Please consider giving a gift of "home" to the women transitioning to independence with a donation to our Saint John’s Square Campaign.
Big Day of Giving Save the Date
Thursday, May 6, 2021

Thanks to the Sacramento Community Foundation, and many of you, Saint John’s Program for Real Change is a recipient of generous donations each year for Big Day of Giving. This year’s funding will go toward our Saint John's Square Project and helping provide a community for 55 women and children.

Please consider Saint John’s when you donate on May 6!
Today is the perfect day to support Real Change
What a difference a year makes...one year ago, I joined Saint John’s Program for Real Change. Though it’s been one of the most challenging years in a lifetime for so many of us, the year has presented great blessings. 

Everyday, I’ve witnessed immense accomplishments and graduations of our clients, the generosity of our wonderful donors, and the continued love and dedication amongst staff and volunteers. We all change lives forever-even during one of the most challenging times for everyone.

In gratitude for this year of support, 
For more information, please contact info@saintjohnsprogram.org.

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