April 2018
Hop Over for some Easter Trivia
  1. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  2. The most expensive jeweled eggs in the world today were made by who?
  3. What color of eggs doesn't "Sam I am" like in the
    Click the pic for answers
    Dr. Seuss book?               
  4. In the song, "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" who gets jelly beans?
  5. What should you do with an egg to protect yourself against lightning, hail and beehives?
  6. How long will a boiled egg keep in the refrigerator?
  7. Rabbits with long floppy ears can't hear as well as those with ears upright. True or False?
  8. Eggs contain nearly every nutrient known to be essential to humans. True or False?
  9. Oster Haas is another name for what in German?
  10. What are rabbits with big long ears going UP called?
  11. The white of the egg is mostly mucus and fat. True or False?
  12. Rabbits share "gender names" with what other animal?

 Are you taking full advantage of the User Group?

We've had 25 people formally  "sign in" to the User Group since January, and twice that number take a look when we've sent out a message that a user needs help.  That's GREAT!  We appreciate you taking a look, even if you can't help.  As one user stated, he learns from what other people post, even if it's a problem they are experiencing!  (Did you notice that Richard responded to his own post with the solution to his request?)


We encourage you to use the online parts catalogs when you need to order parts. Updates to the following manuals have been posted in the last three months:

  • Double Oscillator QS Parts Manual
  • QS Pressman's Manual
  • QS Roll Under Base Frame Parts Manual  
  • QS Single Oscillator Parts Manual
  • Web Leader & Atlas Folder Manuals

Changes include adding part numbers that had previously not been listed in the manual, correcting parts that had been labeled incorrectly, and changing out part numbers when a part has been modified.


While you are signed into the group...check out the part identification "helps" on the bottom of the Spare Parts page.


Have you forgotten your user name or password?  No problem!  Just send an email to Gail or give her a call. 


Tariff Articles stored in User Group

As most of you are aware, the recent tariff situation regarding newsprint is affecting the bottom line of newspapers and newsprint products across the USA.  We've been following the news, as most of you have, and have stored some significant articles for your reference in the "worth reading" area of our user group. 


 National Ferret Day: April 2nd
Male ferrets are called Hobs and female ferrets are called Jills. Their offspring are called Kits. The whole family is called a Business. (You just learned something new, didn't you?)
A part of the mustelid family, ferrets are quite crafty hunters and have been domesticated for over 2,000 years to "ferret" out and kill mostly vermin that would otherwise grow out of control.  It's only during the last few decades where people have sought them out as pets.
While it has been celebrated for decades by ferret lovers across the country, National Ferret Day wasn't officially recognized until 2014, when it was officially added to Chase's Calendar of Events.
 Speaking of Chase's Calendar of Events...
Unlike some "fun holiday" websites that allow anyone to submit whatever celebration suits their fancy, Chase's Calendar of Events is a printed volume with over 12,500 recognized celebrations from around the world.  
They welcome submissions from readers for future volumes, but there is a big difference between their listings and what you might find online:
"If you wish to submit a special day, week or month, it needs to already exist. Chase's lists existing events that the public observes, attends or celebrates--not theoretical ones."
The 2018 edition is their 60th volume.. AND... you have to purchase the book to gain access to their website. Long live print!
Parting Thought
There is a reason why the other person thinks and acts as they do. Ferret out that reason - and you have the key to their actions, perhaps to their personality. Try honestly to put yourself in his place.




Dale Carnegie (1888-1955)

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