April 2016 
Bring-A-Friend Day


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Bring-A-Friend Day

It has been a very, very full March and April for me, with workshops in Astro Constellation, Tibetan Pulsing and then a weeklong retreat with Thomas Hubl, as part of 2-year Timeless Wisdom Training. 

T o say I feel like I have been put in a washing machine is some what of an understatement. It feels like someone has scraped all the loose grit from my center, so that a lot more capacity to feel and discover has been opened up, and my process is going quite strongly. 

The intensity is high. And, there is also something satisfying about all this. How fluid can I be with the instability?  How capable am I of listening to the whispers?  I have been learning to include a lot more range; to feel, even feel 'numb', and to welcome it all. 

My favorite part of these kinds of retreats is bathing in the pure love field that gets created. That is the place where I call home. I do believe this familiar feeling is why I am so committed to what we do here at The Vitality Center. Every time we get to experience ourselves as that love, we practice it again, and again, and it creates more of that LOVE in the field. Unconditional love!

Timeless Wisdom Training "cuddle puddle" of unconditional love; I'm the one in the green, plaid, long sleeve. 

I am grateful and look forward to always exploring this field with you.

~ Jane
THIS Saturday, April 30, 2016 
11 AM - 3 PM

This Saturday is an open invitation to usher your friends into the practice so that they can get a feel for me, Vanessa and what we do at The Vitality Center. 

A lot of people tell me they have shared this work with their friends, and sometimes the understanding is lost in translation.  It's hard to express how much this work can affect one's life - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

Please invite them to visit THIS SATURDAY!  We would love your community to get in contact with more possibilities for wellness, connection, and alignment in their lives. We appreciate your support serving others in their healing! 

*Appointments are necessary to attend*.  In order the make the day flow smoothly, please make sure your friends and family call ahead to schedule a time. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to upgrade your relationships, community, and ultimately humanity!

Our malleable brains are built to evolve!

Neuroplasticity is derived from the root words "Neuron" and "Plastic". A neuron refers to the nerve cells in our brain. Each individual neural cell is made up of an axon plus dendrites, which are linked to one another by a small space called the synapses. The word plastic means to mold, sculpt, or modify.

Neuroplasticity refers to the potential the brain has to reorganize by creating new neural pathways to adapt, as it needs. 

Think of the neurological changes being made in the brain as the brain's way of tuning itself to meet your needs. A simple way to consider how the brain builds new neural pathways is when it's challenged -- by new information or the environment -- as if the brain is tuning into these like a radio. When adjusting the tuner on the radio by hand, you might come across a station that sounds interesting, but has a great deal of static so you can't really understand everything being said. To bring the station into clarity, you would focus and dial the station in more slowly, digit by digit, to align the signal with as little distortion as possible. 

You build new neural pathways when you learn something new. The more you focus and practice something, the better you become at that new skill, or at overcoming an obstacle. By doing this, new neural connections are created in the brain as synapses, in areas that wouldn't usually "fire together" or communicate. Your brain changes to reflect the new skills that are getting sharpened. You are evolving! 

There is solid scientific evidence that shows how supporting the spine to learn new connections or evolve, actually changes the way the prefrontal cortex part of your brain processes information. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for behavior, goal directed tasks, decision making, memory, attention, intelligence, processing of pain and the emotional response to it, autonomic function, motor control, eye movements, and spacial awareness. 

When you receive Network Care, you are re-wiring brain patterns and pathways to upgrade your overall life function, health, felt joy, expressions of gratitude, and contribution to the world. 

What a great gift you are giving yourself!

With Great Love, 

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