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April 10, 2018
How Dick Cavett changed the way we view talk shows

From 1968 to 1995 Dick Cavett hosted the world's best entertainers, comedians, musicians, filmmakers, artists, sports figures, activists, politicians and journalists.  



He made us laugh

Dick Cavett shared with us some of the best comedians to come out of stand up, television, and Hollywood.
Click on Katharine Hepburn to watch some hilarious clips. 

He made us sing

Some of the most popular acts in the music industry graced the stage of the Dick Cavett show. The Unforgettable performances and interviews Dick conducted with the artists gave everyone a glimpse into the lives of our favorite musical acts.
Click on Joni Mitchell to watch some amazing live performances.

He made us think

Dick Cavett was not afraid to ask the tough questions. Dick provided top-notch political and social commentary. His journalistic style gave viewers insight into social issues that had an impact on their daily lives.
Click on Marshall McLuhan to see some thought-provoking clips.
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