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As our 30th Hunting Season has just come to a close we are grateful for each of you making it our best year so far. Much hard work goes into each season but nothing makes us happier than playing a small role in your success whether hunting with that special client, friend or maybe taking you child on their first hunt.

Helice on the Rise!
Upcoming Event:

Monthly Helice race:
Our next helice race is scheduled for  Saturday April 16th.

S pots are limited to 25 shooters.
Be on the lookout for more details if you are on our Helice list or call our office for details.

* Remember this event includes lunch and is limited to 25 shooters. Please call or email our office to reserve your spot.  Lunch will be $25.00 for spectators or guests.


Zach Burke:

  • Zach is from Bainbridge, Georgia. 
  • Graduated from ABAC in 2014. 
  • He and his beautiful bride Abby, have been married since November, 2015. 
  • Bailey is Zach's "man's best friend" and she can almost always be found right by his side. 
  • Zach has a love for outdoors and has been hunting and fishing since he could walk.
  • Zach joined the Selwood Farm team as the Wildlife Conservancy Manager in November and we are so glad to have him! 
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Aimee Barrett Hay

  • Aimee is from Birmingham, AL. 
  • Graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting in 1995.
  • She has 2 beautiful teenage daughters who are 13 and 16.Lin
  • Aimee was a junior-high and high-school art teacher and has been a freelance artist and photographer for 20+ years.
  • kAimee and her girls have a 4 year old, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Lolly.
  • Some favorite past times are: kayaking, hiking, 4-wheelers, and traveling to Highlands, NC.
  • Aimee joined the Selwood Farm team as the Digital Marketing Director and Photographer in January 2016. 
Angela Bates

  • Angela is from Sylacauga, Alabama where she graduated from high school in 1979. 
  • She is a graduate of Auburn University with degrees in Education in 1985 and 1988. 
  • Angela taught both reading and math for 30 years.
  • Gardening and reading mystery novels are a few of her past times. 
  • She also loves logic games and a challenging game of Scrabble. 
  • Angela has 2 dogs, Ella and Spenser.
  • We are thankful to have added Angela to our team in January 2016.  Link

Special Events......
Spring is here, time to book your meeting or event. We are wrapping up Selwood's latest project "the summer house" a large outdoor structure built with reclaimed  material from a turn of the century cotton mill. The summer house is sure to make your shooting event, birthdays, or corporate get together's special.  When you think of that special event in the great outdoors there is no better place than Selwood. 
  • Corporate meetings
  • Selwood's "Time for the Groom"
  • Family gatherings
Don't forget our top notch accommodations:
  • Selwood's Country House offers restful and relaxing accommodations. From private rooms to spacious decks and porches, the Country House is ideal for comfort and restfulness. Although we are not a bed-n-breakfast, our lodge includes 5 bedrooms with private baths, available for rental to hunters and sporting enthusiasts.
  • Our Smokehouse and Meeting Rooms offer an adjoining double occupancy bedroom. There is a lovely slate bathroom and also a private access to the porch and the porch fireplace.
  • The Summer House is the perfect place for that outdoor feel with the comfort of a roof over your head. You will be sure to enjoy the breath of fresh air, as you look out over our beautiful Helice course and our 5 Stand. We are sure that The Summer House will be a favorite spot to many! 
Selwood is the place for your special events. 

Call 1-800-522-0403 for rates and arrangements.

If you haven't visited our Pro-Shop lately, you need to! We have a great variety of products that include:
  • Selwood t-shirts
  • Selwood caps and Tilley hats
  • Beretta shirts and jackets
  • A variety of shooting bags
  • Shooting gloves
  • Shooting vests
  • Shooting glasses by Wiley X and Beretta
  • High Cotton Candles
  • Signed copies of Carolyn's cookbook: Beyond Selwood's Door

Speaker: Chuck McAlister
Founder, Adventure Bound Outdoors
Saturday, April 23rd 3:00 - 7:00

Activities to include: 
Sporting Clays Target Shooting
Texas Hog Toss
Retriever Demonstration
Turkey calling
*Catfish by Whiskers

Tickets $10.00

Call 1-800-522-0403
Here is a look at just a few of the things that have been happening at Selwood: 
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Shooters tip of the month... 

Reading targets / Break Point:

While on a shooting get away last week on the east coast of Florida I was able to shoot 3 great courses and a total of 64 different stations. I saw a lot of presentations.  My take away was that the targets that fooled me weren't the long targets but the the ones that just simply fooled me....either my lack of focus and mainly what the target was doing at the break point.
Always give the target your best focus at the break point. Pay attention to exactly what "the birds" leading edge is doing at your break point. 

~ Alan

An end to another great day! 

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