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April 2015

Our next Sozo Saturday will be May 2 so Mark your Calendars now.

Sozo Saturday is our monthly team meeting that meets at Living Word Outreach from 9am-12N on one Saturday a month.  The cost is $25.
Advanced Sozo Training
Coming June 12-13 With a Regional Leaders Meeting on June 11.  The Advanced Seminar will be teaching additional sozo tools:
Triggering Mechanisms
Divine Editing
Prophetic Deliverance
Generational Curses
Familiar Spirits and Regional Spirits
Register Here

Regional Summit Opportunity
The Regional Summit is May 14-15 in Wylie Texas.  We are so excited to have Dawna De Silva and Teresa Liebscher coming and pouring into our leaders and Sozo teams from this Region! Make sure you register soon. Limited space available and we are getting full!
  Register Here

Team News 
The team from Hutchinson is forming quickly, they joined us this month for Sozo Saturday.  Please pray for them as they pursue this freedom and life giving ministry in their community.
Our small group intensive on Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 pm for anyone wanting to practice on a weekly or biweekly basis.  Please text or email me if you are interested.

Prophetic Intensives
The next date for the prophetic intensive with Spirit Life Ministries will be
Saturday, April 25
9am-3pm at 615 N Main St. Wichita, KS
Cost: $35
Contact: Ruth Wickline if you have questions:
Thoughts from Lis
Thoughts from my SOZO internship at Bethel
I learned so much from observing 12 different facilitators. The best thing was knowing that everyone of these people had a different style, approach - but everyone of those sessions had healing.  It truly is God who is doing the healing, we are just the tool.
I also learned that chasing after every tool I saw used because it was powerful does not mean it is for me to use or learn. This may actually be a waste of my time, I need to stay focused on the simplicity and purity of Sozo Tools and the Holy Spirit within me.
  Brian Simmons couldn't have put this better when he wrote on his Facebook page on 4/5/15 "What works for one person will not necessarily work for another.  We always look foolish when we go to fight our giants wearing someone else's armor and trying to use their sword!  God will use you and will anoint you with your unique style, passion, and experiences.  The old order of church life will always send you out to battle in the worn garments of religion and worldly armor.  The church trusts in programs, but God's new breed of end time warrior will trust in the Lord alone!  David knew he could not face Goliath in the strength of man. He would need to be clothed with an invisible armor . . . a heart of confidence in the power of God.  David's armor was the sweet presence of God that had been cultivated through intimacy and seclusion with the Spirit of heaven.  A slingshot WITH the Spirit would be greater to him than the sword  and Saul's armor."
We just need more of Him!
Alan & Lis
4-life Transforming Prayer Ministry

Go Slow, Be God Struck, Grant Grace and Live Truth.