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April, 2018
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What is a middle schooler,
I was asked one day.
I knew what he was...
but what should I say?

He is noise and confusion.
He is silence that is deep.
He is sunshine and laughter,
or a cloud that will weep.

He is swift as an arrow.
He is a waster of time.
He wants to be rich,
but cannot save a dime.

He is rude and nasty.
He is polite as can be.
He wants parental guidance,
but fights to be free.

He is aggressive and bossy.
He is timid and shy.
He knows all the answers,
but still will ask "why"?

He is awkward and clumsy.
He is graceful and poised.
He is ever changing,
but do not be annoyed.

What is a middle schooler,
I was asked one day.
He is the future unfolding.
Do not stand in his way.

||Author Unknown||

  It is an honor to serve the Baraboo community as the Principal of Jack Young Middle School. I have worked in the Baraboo School District since 1993 and I am proud to call Baraboo home.

It is both my personal and professional goal to provide each and every student in the Baraboo School District with a safe and challenging academic environment. Our most precious resource is our children and we must continuously work to provide them with the highest quality education possible. 

Jack Young Middle School is committed to providing every student with opportunities to learn at a level of challenge uniquely appropriate for them. We offer a wide variety of learning opportunities, led by highly qualified teachers. 

I am married to Lynn Gunnell, who is currently the Choir Director at Baraboo High School. We have three children in the Baraboo School District, including one current middle school student. 

I love Jack Young Middle School and my goal is to create a middle school that kids love too.

John Gunnell- Principal
February  Students of the Month
                                  6 th  Grade
           Samantha                                  Bailey

 7th Grade
            Cameron                                  Sylvie

                                  8th Grade
             Hailey                                     Kezalee
Spring Sports Schedules
Track and Field

Monday, April 16, 4:00:  JYMS vs Portage & Poynette @Poynette High School

Monday, April 23, 4:30:  JYMS vs Waunakee & Reedsburg @ Reedsburg HS

Thursday, May 3, 4:15:  JYMS vs Sacred Heart Catholic, Sauk Prairie, Prairie Marsh @ BHS Beryl Newman Stadium 

Monday, May 7, 4:30:  JYMS vs Glacier Creek Middle, Kromrey Middle, Mt. Horeb @ Mt. Horeb HS

Monday, May 14, 4:30:  JYMS vs Glacier Creek Middle, Savannah Oaks Middle @ BHS Beryl Newman Stadium

Girl's Softball

  Tuesday, April 24:  JYMS v Westfield @ Pierce Park
                                    7th- 4:30  8th-6:00

Thursday, April 26:  JYMS vs Pardeeville@ Pierce Park
                                     7th- 4:30  8th:  6:15

Tuesday, May 1:       JYMS vs Adams @ Pierce Park
                                     7th- 4:30  8th- 6:00

Thursday, May 3:     JYMS vs Westfield @ Westfield Park
                                     7th:  4:30  8th:  6:00

Monday , May 7:        JYMS vs Markesan @ Pierce Park

Monday, May 14:       JYMS vs Adams
                                       7th:  4:30  8th:  6:00  

Friday, May 18:          JYMS vs Pardeeville@Pardeeville HS

Monday, May 21:       JYMS vs Markesan @Markesan 
                                       Middle School                                              

National History Day News


National History Day is an academic enrichment program for students in grades 6-12. Students select topics connected to an annual theme and complete their own in-depth research on the topic. This year, the annual theme is "Taking a Stand in History." Students present their conclusions by creating museum-style exhibits, media documentaries, research papers, interactive websites, and dramatic performances.

Thirty-eight eighth grade students from Jack Young Middle School took part in the Regional National History Day event in Madison on February 24th, 2018. Twenty-two students were selected as state finalists and will go on to represent their school at the state competition, which  takes place 
 at the University of Wisconsin - Madison on April 21st, 2018.  Congratulations to the following students:

1). Ethan W, Matilda L, Joe B, and Josiah S - Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr: Conflict without Compromise
2).Nyah C, Maylee E and Ethan G - Birth of a Nation: Conflict and Compromise around Race in America
3).Katie G, Trinity S, and Alice D - Votes for Women: Conflict and Compromise Leading to the 19th Amendment

1).Nick B and Christopher S - The Cuban Missile Crisis: 13 Days of Conflict and Compromise
2).Yvette C - The Salem Witch Trials: Economic and Legal Conflict and Compromise in Colonial America

1).Claire B and Maggie C - Watergate: Creating a Compromised Faith in American Government
2) Eric G and Jason J - Hamilton vs. Jefferson: The Conflict that Created the Political Party System in America

1).Kylie S, Amanda D, and Megan F - Little Rock Nine: Conflict Over Integration
2).Hailey H and Jordana W - The Trail of Tears: Conflict over Land and the Rights of Native Tribes

Students who were chosen as Alternates to the State Competition include:
Zach H, Charlie S, Ana E, Anna J, and Avary B, Alex P,  Shaylee D, Hope B, Emma H and Meg T.

Additional Students who competed at Regionals include:
Elijah H, Tyler J, Annaliese B, Eva H, Autumn W, and Alexis W.

Notes from the Librarian

Notes from the Library
by Mrs. Steiner

One of the joys of reading books is sharing them with fellow readers. A way you can encourage your child to share the books he or she is reading is by using their social media accounts. Urge them to share about the books they are reading on Instagram or SnapChat. Have them write a review on FaceBook. Suggest that they submit a review in Destiny, our online catalog. (For guidelines, consult this document: goo.gl/zyBEA
Goodreads.com is a great place to connect with other readers. Readers can write reviews, read others' reviews, and even chat with authors! If your child likes to make videos, persuade them to start a book review channel on YouTube. 
Social media can be used for all sorts of positive things; sharing about books is one of the ways you can encourage your child to use their social media accounts in a constructive way!


Chromebook Corner

��  Reminder:  chromebooks should stay in their issued cases at all times

��  Students should charge their chromebooks each night to ensure enough battery power to get  them though each school day.

Feel free to contact Mrs. Adams at  radams@barabooschools.net    if you have any questions about your student's chromebook.


6th Grade News

     We are rapidly approaching the end of third quarter!  Students will have many opportunities to take advantage of to relearn material and improve their quarter grades.  Please encourage your child to make contact with their teachers to make the most of these opportunities.  We will also have a Spring Fling celebration during the week of March 19th.  There will be dress up days and an assembly at the end of the week. This celebration will coincide with parent-teacher conferences and the end of the quarter.
     This is a great time to do a little spring cleaning of the backpack and locker. Have you noticed some missing sweatshirts from their closet? When is the last time you washed the physical education uniform? A lot of children seem to need more pencils. Please check in with them on their supplies.

Happy Spring,
The Sixth Grade Team

Math                                      Science
Ms. Dzanic                           Mrs. McDonald
Ms. Simonis                         Mrs. Krucas                          
Mr. Francour

Language Arts                     Social Studies
Ms.Caufield                          Mr. Koenig
Ms. Van Enkenvort              Mr. Scrabeck
Ms. Zick

Mr. Vaccaro- Special Education
Mr. Behl- Special Education and Language Arts
Ms. Cummings- Special Education and Team Teach Math  
7th Grade News
     The end of first quarter is behind us, and we are excited to report the GREAT things that our students are doing at Jack Young Middle School. So far this year, the seventh grade class has kicked off our magazine fundraiser, rolled out the oneto-one Chromebook initiative, spoke to Chief Schauf and Private First Class Connor Kowalke in Civics class, and completed our seasonal standardized assessments. 
     We hope your child has had a successful start of the school year and look forward to helping them grow their skills.

7th Grade Team

Language Arts                                 Math
Mr. Frisch                                         Mr. Beall
Mrs. Harry                                         Mr. Brickl
Mrs. Reinhardt                                 Ms Kish
Ms. Schumacher                              Mr. Koenig

Science                                             Social Studies
Mrs. Halverson                                 Mr. Considine
Ms Krucas                                         Mr. Jones
                                     8th Grade News
     Our ultimate goal at JYMS is to ensure that our students succeed in all facets of life.  Your involvement is a key piece to helping us accomplish this goal.  We realize the need for an open line of communication between ourselves and you as the parent/guardian of your student. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  Please use the Infinite Campus Portal to check your student's grades and talk to your student about their grades. The more we are on the same page the better chance your student has of reaching their full potential. In the end that is what we all want. Thank you for all that you do for our students!

~JYMS 8th Grade Team

Mathematics                                        Social Studies
Mr. Ashbeck                                         Mrs. Garcia
Mr. Beall                                               Mr. Jones
Mr. Brickl
Mrs. Grogan
Mrs. Roth
Mr. Witthun

Language Arts                                     Science
Mrs. Ehlert                                           Mr. Phillips
Ms. Harry                                             Mr. Witthun
Mrs. McCulloch
Mrs. Nies

Special Education Teacher/PBIS 8th Grade- Mrs. Statz