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Bronx Children's Museum welcomes Luisa Escalera to Board of Directors

Luisa Escalera is a Fabricator, Designer and Special Education Teacher who advocates for children of all abilities and supports the process of learning and creativity. She has worked in the New York City Department of Education (DOE) for nearly 13 years, focusing on the field of special education.

Luisa is the sixth new member to join the Board of Directors since January. The Board now consists of 28 members.

Anti-Asian Violence:
We Must Speak Up
Bronx Children’s Museum stands in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community under siege across our country. Anti-Asian hate crimes have been growing at an alarming rate since the beginning of the pandemic due to harmful rhetoric, scapegoating and blatant bullying. We denounce the violent acts of racism that continue to be inflicted on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Below is a selection of resources we have posted on our website to help families and children.

New York Times
“I’m Helping My Korean-American Daughter Embrace Her Identity to Counter Racism”

Young, Proud, and Sung-Jee
By Joyce Y. Lee and Emily Ku, illustrated by Maggie Chen

Construction Update: Taking Shape
Natural wood is a prominent architectural feature being installed throughout the Museum's interior. Made out of cross-laminated timber (CLT), the smooth multi-layered spruce panels are defining the space with beautiful, flowing lines and contours that bend and curve all around the exhibit areas. The sustainably-harvested wood is also being used for walls, stairs, guard rails and the entire south platform floor, eliminating the need for non-renewable building materials like metal studs and gypsum wall board.

The photo on the left shows the graceful walls that will naturally guide children into the woods and neighborhood play areas. On the right, those humps may look like over-sized inchworms, but when you turn them right-side-up, you have two fun, wavy benches ready to be installed in our wood-paneled reception area.

Every week we are excited to watch the interior of the Museum take shape more and more. Before you know it, it will be Fall and we'll be moving in!
Bronx Spotlight
Each month our newsletter is highlighting a family-friendly Bronx-based business. We'll share a brief history of the organization and provide ideas on how families can support, engage or connect with them.
Neighborhood United
"Art is culture. Culture brings us together." That's the basis of what motivates Neighborhood United.
A Bronx-based 501(c)(3) organization formed at the height of the pandemic, Neighborhood United seeks to inspire and equip youth and their families to have the ambition to change their circumstances through education and access to resources. Their Canvas Kids art program, open to all Bronx youth from ages 7 to14, focuses on uplifting the socio-emotional capacity of students and exposing as many Bronx youth as possible to the visual arts. The current project consist of a series of art classes and workshops that are centered around portraiture and positive self-image of Black and Brown youth. Learn more at
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