Earlier this month, it became clear to PRC’s Board and myself, that we would not move further with the purchase of the proposed property in Villages of Estero. The neighborhood made it clear we “were not welcomed." Most recently, the Village of Estero added another round of challenges to our application that could not be resolved before the end of our purchase contract and any reasonable extensions. 

The PRC Board and myself are saddened that we are unable to proceed with this particular site, but this does not mean we are changing direction. We continue to be committed to the building of a home where pregnant women can find safety, support, and the care needed to continue their pregnancy and launch successfully into motherhood. 

Gifts and pledges given in this effort are safe and secure and have not been touched, as all expenses to date have been funded by a donor willing to fund the exploratory costs. You can be assured that your wishes to build a home will be realized. We already have begun the search for another site. 

If you have questions regarding your gift, please contact
Janet at 239-253-0465. I would be happy to answer any questions.