Spring has arrived, and as our weather presents itself as wind, sun, clouds, rain, thunder, lightning, hail and yes, snow in April, we are reminded that anything is possible.  That brings me to this question:  "Do you ever consider what is possible when you enter Marshall's 584 exercise studio?"

I want to help you answer that question by discussing how you can make your workout sessions more effective.  Marshall's 584 is the ideal environment  to achieve a great workout in a short period of time.  There are so many benefits to be had from our "slow paced, high intensity" method of strength training exercise. The harder you work at each exercise, the better results you will achieve.  Your'e probably asking, "It's tough enough, why make it tougher?" My answer:  "Why not get your money's worth and then some?"

One of the only things that may be standing in your way of getting the best workout session is YOUR OWN MIND!!

That brings us to the subject:   "MINDFULNESS and MIND CONTROL"

Here is my suggestion, which will only work if you and your trainer are on the same wavelength.  Soft and quiet talking in the workout area should only be related to the workout. Social discussions should be done in the waiting room.  Before you walk into the exercise area, be ready to take charge, prepare for your workout by PREPARING YOUR MIND.   Many of you are coming in from the fast paced, chaotic, hectic lives that you lead.  Your mind can be easily pre-occupied with "to-do" lists that distracts you with ruminating thoughts about work, family, pets, shopping, and personal matters that only add to mind clutter.  From now on, when you enter the studio, pretend there is a caution sign that says, "SLOW DOWN!"  Tell yourself, "This is my time to focus on ME. I need this workout so I can be the best ME, and the best I can be for my family and others.  I need to be in this moment and have the best workout session I am capable of."  Without distractions, and concentrating on your own body machine, you will walk out feeling TERRIFIC, recharged, fresh, strong, healthy and happy. 

Take the workout seriously and perform your exercises with mindfulness.  Focus inward.  Slow down.  When you enter a machine, imagine what the machine can do for you.  Clear your mind, close your eyes and THINK about the muscles, joints and bones you are strengthening.  When you experience the burn, you are IN THE ZONE!!  Psyche yourself to get to the maximum burn you can tolerate.  Mediate on seeing the results in your mind, because if you can see it, you will believe it and achieve it.  And DO IT every time you workout!!  You'll be doing yourself a favor.


 What's the Workout Objective at Marshall's 584?

Strengthening exercise builds strength in the muscle, while simultaneously building strength in the surrounding connective tissue and bone; as opposed to aerobic exercise that builds endurance but provides little or no strength increases. 

In order for strengthening exercise to be effective, the amount of weight lifted must be sufficient enough to exhaust the muscle within a 60-120 second window of time, with good form.  A muscle is exhausted when it reaches a point where it is momentarily unable to move the weight. The exhaustion of muscle triggers the strengthening process, which occurs over the next few days as the muscle recovers.  And slow movement has the added benefit of producing faster results and is much safer.  But you have to tolerate the burn!!  That's the lactic acid that is needed to get to muscle exhaustion.

Strengthening exercise is now recognized as critical to our health, particularly as we age.  It is the only way to maintain muscle strength and is the key to healthy joints, bone density and a long list of other health benefits, e.g. "muscle burns calories".

At Marshall's 584, we put you through  a sequence of MedX machines to obtain a workout that is balanced so all  opposing (antagonistic) muscle groups are strengthened. This guarantees that all the major joints in the body improve for joint health.  Balance is key. The more balanced you are, the less prone you are to joint issues.

MedX  equipment is the most advanced scientifically proven strengthening equipment. As a result, it is the most expensive line of equipment, and most gyms choose not to invest the money.  In order to strengthen and build an entire muscle, the muscle must have resistance through its entire movement.  This is what MedX is designed to do. 

Arthur Jones  was the legendary founder of  Nautilus . In 1986, he founded  MedX  to perfect the testing of human strength, endurance, and range of motion. 
Incorporated into every MedX product are decades of experience and millions of dollars of independent, university-based research. MedX is the most technologically advanced fitness, sports and medical/rehabilitation equipment available. MedX products achieve training efficiency through resistance curves matched to tested and proven strength profiles. They operate at a very low level of friction and offer a choice of resistance in 2-pound increments, ensuring a weight that is just right - not too heavy and not too light - for rapid and steady progress. They are safe, efficient and very effective.

     The machine in focus this week: MedX Lateral Raise
This exercise works a great number of muscles in the arms and shoulder. You are working the deltoid, which is actually composed of three muscles: The anterior, middle, and posterior. You are also working on what is known as the rotator cuff, which is actually made up of four muscles. The rotator cuff does the work for the initial raise, but then the deltoid takes over about halfway through. Doing lateral raises slowly and steadily helps work these muscles adequately and avoid risk of injury.



The principles of post-workout or recovery nutrition can be quite simple and easily be accounted for in a  custom  nutrition plan. These principles include providing energy to replace muscle glycogen stores, helping to maximize the repair of muscle damage, and sufficiently replenishing any fluids and electrolytes lost during training. 
Simply put, you need to follow the three "R's" of recovery-refuel, rebuild and rehydrate. These are the cornerstones of post-workout and recovery nutrition. They are also essential for maximizing the training effect, which can have different applications depending on the type, intensity and duration of the activity. Here is a brief overview of the three R's of recovery. 

Nutritional recovery starts by refueling with glycogen or carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide the body and brain with the fuel needed to recover and ultimately adapt to the training session.
Current data indicates that after a workout the muscle cells' ability to begin rebuilding and replenishment peaks at about 15 minutes and declines by as much as 40 percent within 60 minutes.
Researchers report that immediate intake of carbohydrates results in a 300 percent increase in muscle glycogen at two hours and a 135 percent increase at four hours. Have an apple!!

The next step is rebuilding cells by focusing on the protein and amino acids required to help maximize muscle repair. Even a simple cardio session results in muscle breakdown, so protein is an essential component for all post-exercise nutrition.
In a 2010 review published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition Exercise and Metabolism, researchers noted that the consumption of 20 grams of protein, or an equivalent of 9 grams of essential amino acids, can maximize muscle protein-synthesis rates during the first hours of post-exercise recovery.
However, the amount of protein needed in the post-workout period is often overestimated. There are certain levels of protein that are needed, but more doesn't always mean more muscle or better recovery.
Depending on the type and intensity of exercise, and the total calories of course needed for recovery, a range of 0.3 to 0.5 grams per kg of bodyweight, or a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, is recommended.
 Make a protein smoothie with protein powder, skim milk or almond milk and berries. 

The final step is rehydration. Adequate fluids help regulate body temperature and blood pressure, and transport energy and nutrients throughout the body.
That is why it is essential to allow the body to achieve balance and maintain the process of recovery by replenishing any fluids lost during activity.
Cramping and muscle fatigue can often keep you from sticking to a workout plan. By rehydrating and replenishing sodium, you'll be able to reduce these post-workout symptoms.
 Try a recovery drink like Gatorade (add a little water)  or fresh pressed juice.

Thank you for continuing to promote and refer our exclusive  strength training programs to your friends and relatives.  

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