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Catholic Foundation
Diocese of Toledo
April 2017
Fund Evaluation Group Quarterly Reports
Tips and Resources

One of the many e-newsletters, blogs and free subscriptions I receive each day - Clarification - sent an email "Clarity Click-it: Nonprofit Ticket to Links, Free Resources." I would like to share it with you in hopes that you too will find some of the links and resources insightful.

Clarity Click-it.

International Catholic Stewardship Council Newsletter

Another information packed newsletter from ICSC. Enjoy.

Alert: 53% of Faith Based Individuals Have Wills

According to data from Stelter's latest national study, 53 percent of people who donated money to a global faith-based nonprofit between April 2015 and April 2016 had a will. This is higher than the general population of all donors from the same period, in which only 33 percent had wills.*

Organizations in this sector may reap benefits from going back to basics when it comes to estate planning. Offer simple tips on how to get started with estate planning and include clear next steps on how to leave a gift to your nonprofit. Women are significantly less likely to have a will than men, so consider offering content and using photos in your marketing materials that appeal to a female audience.

The Stelter Company | 10435 New York Ave. | Des Moines, IA 50322 |

"Missionizing" Special Events Fundraising
Bloomerang recently hosted Terry Axelrod for a webinar in which she showed how to assess your current special fundraising events and strategically infuse them with your mission.

In case you missed it, you can watch the video recording here or read the transcript.

3 Capital Campaign Strategies that Will Not Work

1.  Don’t create your huge vision to change the world in a closed room with a tiny group of people. No! You need your entire broad group of supporters engaged and supportive at the very beginning.

2.  Don’t start by developing an expensive brochure, website, and PowerPoint to convey your vision to the world. No! You don’t want any of these materials until AFTER you get the input and buy-in of key players and funders.

3.  Don’t make presentation after presentation to donors who have not yet bought in. If you do all the talking, you’re not engaging your donors. In fact, you are probably boring them. No! You have to find out what they think first, then shape your comments around their interests.

This is applicable for new initiatives within organizations, parishes, and ministries too.

Millennial Financial Habits

Are you interested and intrigued by the Millennial generation? They present a challenge to us because we don't fully grasp the uniqueness of this generation. A recent study offered an informational chart worth sharing and informative analysis provided by InvestmentNews Daily.

The question posed: What are you investing for?

6 Signs You Are Ready to Retire

Journey through the 6 stages of retirement.

Financial planning is important, but emotional planning is the key to retiree bliss. 

Please contact your financial advisor or accountant for professional guidance.

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