The Walk to Emmaus is truly a unique, once in a lifetime experience that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, uses to Baptize us in the Holy Spirit and change our Heart, Mind and Soul in a personal relationship with him for the rest of our lives.

This desire instilled in us on these Walks to know our Heavenly Father in a personal, intimate way through Jesus releases us for joyful obedience that changes our desires and actions in our Fourth Days. We have seen him make the same changes in others on the Walk, just as he did for us, each time we participate in Emmaus.

Men’s Walk #29 was no different.  This was obvious as we observed and talked to the men throughout the weekend and heard what they had to say at Closing.

We had a tremendous team in both the Conference Room and Background. Both Walks were baptized in Prayer many, many, months before the Walks came to pass, and it was obvious because the men on Walk #29 were truly ready to be there.

The Holy Spirit was in our presence, setting our hearts on fire as the scripture was revealed and opened up to us. I also believe every team member was changed in some way. Thanks be to God.

I once again thank the Lord for allowing me to serve as the Lay Director on this Walk and thank the Emmaus Board of Directors for the many hours they put in to make these Walks a success and to keep our Emmaus Community active.